Beijing Automotive Group Co.,ltd.

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) is a major automobile manufacturer in China established in 1958 and headquartered in Beijing. BAIC has become a large leading company automobile enterprise group covering R&D and manufacturing of vehicles and parts & components, auto service trade, comprehensive travel service, finance and investment, general aviation and other businesses. BAIC ranks No.124 in Fortune Global Top 500 in 2021.

Since 1958 when Beijing Automotive Manufacturing Factory produced Jinggangshan Car, the first model developed on its own, BAIC has developed and manufactured BJ212, China’s first-generation light all-road vehicle, and BJ130, the first-generation light truck; established Beijing Jeep Corporation, China’s first JV of vehicle manufacturing, Beijing Hyundai Auto Co., Ltd., China’s first vehicle manufacturing JV after China was accepted into WTO, and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., the model of deepening strategic JV and cooperation.

BAIC owns a few famous subsidiaries and R&D bodies, including Beijing Motor,BAIC BJEV ,BAICORV,Beiqi Changhe , Beiqi Foton Motor, Beijing Hyundai Motor, Beijing Benz Automotive, Beijing General Aviation and Beijing Automotive Technology center, etc. With Beijing as the Center, BAIC has established the passenger vehicle production facilities and commercial vehicle facilities of China’s own brands, the new-energy vehicle production facilities, the JV-brand passenger vehicle production facilities and production facilities of general aviation in more than ten provinces and municipalities in China. Its R&D system is seen in seven regions of five countries in the world. BAIC vehicle factories and KD factories have been built in over 30 countries and regions, whose products are sold to over 80 countries and regions.

BAIC attaches great importance to team building and staff training. Nowadays, BAIC has more than 100,000 domestic and overseas employees, nearly 40,000 of whom have the academic degree at or above bachelor, including the experts in national, provincial or municipal Key Talents Programs, those enjoying the State Council’s Special Allowances, experts in national, provincial or municipal 100/1,000/10,000 Talents Programs and National Technical Masters. At the same time, R&D staff in BAIC keeps rising, up by 10% from the end of the 12th Five-year Plan. The number of authorized patents and invention patents also keeps increasing. The talents are having evident role in stimulating the independent innovations and industrial upgrading in BAIC.   

In recent years, BAIC maintains the philosophy of innovative development featuring “electric, intelligent, connected and sharing”, works hard to optimize and integrate resources, rebuilds the core capacity, gets into the EV industry, makes technical studies and industrial development of intelligent connection, big data and others, builds the core competitiveness of China’s own brands, explores the post-market,speeds up the “going out” steps, and pushes forward strategic transition from the traditional manufacturer to  service and innovative manufacturer.

In the new era when consumption needs are being upgraded, BAIC takes the lead to transform and upgrade the industry. Adhering to the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, it promotes the strategic transformation and focuses on high, new and special development.

High development means enhancing high-end manufacturing and high-end products for high profits, so as to consolidate the foundation of high-quality development. By pushing the production capacity towards high end, BAIC continues to develop products with high added value and high technologies, so that brands move upward. It also works hard to develop service trade, finance and other new growth points, so as to deepen industrial transformation and upgrading.

The new development refers to innovation-driven and EV development, and efforts to push forward development and application of intelligent connection technologies. BAIC is the first in the industry to get into EV industry. For seven years in a row, it ranks No. 1 in terms of BEV sales in China. In 2017, BAIC’s BEV sales even ranked No. 1 in the world. The manufacturer spearheads to establish the industry’s first National Technical Innovation Center. BAIC Blue Valley becomes the first stock of EV in the country. At the same time, BAIC has released its Dolphin+ Strategy, which focuses on “protection, optimization, liberation, personality and harmony”, and aims to become China’s leader and world-class manufacturer of intelligent connection vehicles by 2022.

Special development embodies comparative advantages and efforts to enhance featured products and service, and develop differentiated advantages in high-quality development. In terms of products, BAIC firmly practices the national strategy of merging military & civil development. By adhering to the principles of developing premium, new and diverse military products, BAIC’s military truck products have won recognition from military officers and soldiers. At the same time, it carries on the featured culture of “all-road vehicle family”. Beijing all-road vehicles now take the leading position in terms of sales among the high-end competitors of China’s own brands. A number of R&D projects have won the First Prize of China’s Automobile Technology. In terms of service, BAIC follows closely the trend of sharing economy. It has established Huaxia Travel Company, aiming to build the efficient travel service for the future by transforming towards service. BAIC will follow the brand philosophy of Your Wish, Our Ways, and take the scale, high-end, service-oriented, international, low-carbon and sustainable development path. It will work hard to build the manufacturing service provider and innovative manufacturer, provide the society with high-tech, high-quality, safe and environment-friendly travel solutions, thus becoming the automobile manufacturer and service provide with international competitiveness, and the leader of high-quality travel life.