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Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI Edition and its benchmarks

Created at:2021-04-21

During the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, Huawei and Arcfox Polar Fox released a joint brand new car -- Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei Hi version.

Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version

This car is the world's first mass production vehicle equipped with three laser radars, which can achieve access to all scenic spots covering urban areas, highways and parking lots, so that users can have continuous automatic driving experience from the residential garage to the company garage. Numerous test videos of the city's open roads prove that the overall level of its autopilot is comparable to the latest version of Tesla's FSD Beta, which is currently the highest level in the world.

Facing the question of whether to build cars or not, Huawei has always emphasized that "we will not build vehicles, focus on ICT, and help car companies to build good cars as a supplier". In October 2019, Huawei officially launched its smart vehicle solution brand HI (Huawei Inside). Including three computing platforms and three operating systems AOS (intelligent driving operating system), HOS (intelligent cockpit operating system) and VOS (intelligent vehicle control operating system). It is the first application of HI huawei full-stack intelligent vehicle solution in the automotive industry, which is of pioneering significance to the industry.

On the road to realize autonomous driving, Huawei and ArcFox Polar Fox choose the laser radar with higher accuracy of 3D environment detection and stronger light adaptability. As the world's first mass production model equipped with 3 lidar, the Alpha S Huawei HI version is equipped with 3 Huawei 96-line car grade lidar, with a maximum detection range of 200 meters and a detection frame rate of 10 Hertz. It is equipped with 9 ADAS cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 6 millimeter-wave radars, and 4 round-looking cameras to achieve the super perception capability of 360° all-around coverage.

Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version

The polar fox Alpha S Huawei HI version reaches the highest level of Huawei's current automatic driving, providing point-to-point continuous automatic driving experience from residential garage To corporate garage Door To Door. There is no need for manual takeover in the scene of exit from the community, congestion following/jamming, traffic light intersection, unprotected left turn, people and vehicles mixed to avoid obstacles, cruise on the expressway, escape from difficulty and change lanes, big trucks driving on the line to avoid obstacles, up and down ramp/inbound and outbound, automatic parking and so on. The car's performance on complex roads was comparable to that of an older driver, eliciting a chorus of admiration from video barrages, onlookers and test media.

Super-perceptual, super-complex road conditions generate huge amounts of sensor data and balance decisions between absolute safety and "old driver" efficiency. This requires the polar fox Alpha S Huawei HI version has a super smart brain, that is, enough computing power. In this regard, ArcFox Polar Fox and Huawei have long considered, equipped with Kirin chip central supercomputer, so that the computing power of the car as high as 400TOPS. For comparison, the Xiaopang P7 has a power rating of 30TOPS and the Tesla Model 3 144TOPS.

Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version city open road test

To cope with extreme situations, Alfa S Huawei HI Edition has dual redundancy systems in braking, battery, sensors, CPU, steering and architecture. If the main system fails, it will switch to the redundant system immediately. For example, when the primary braking system fails, the redundant braking system switches to the standby system within milliseconds to provide emergency braking. When the main battery fails to provide power normally, the system will automatically switch to the standby battery, and can provide up to 3 minutes of emergency power supply service, giving the driver sufficient time to stop to the roadside, greatly reducing the probability of safety accidents.

Alfa S Huawei HI version is the first mass-production car equipped with Hongmeng OS intelligent interconnection system, which can realize functions such as free communication, voice interaction, gesture photography, car and family mutual control, seamless transfer, and touch transmission. In the whole life cycle, hardware can be upgraded and software OTA can seamlessly transfer to people, car and home. At present, it has supported up to 23 application ecosystems, including ChangLianLian, Gaode, KuGou Music, Huawei Music, netease Cloud Music, Youku, Migu Video, Huawei Video, Bilibili and so on.

Based on the 100 years of manufacturing experience of Magna, the combination structure of all-aluminum underbody and reinforced steel upper body is adopted for the July-Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version to protect the safety of drivers and passengers to the greatest degree. Aluminum alloy material accounted for 78.9% of the lower body, completely imprisoned the battery pack, greatly avoiding the battery collision extrusion fire problem. In addition, excellent anti-corrosion performance is required to significantly improve the service life of the vehicle, and there will be no functional damage caused by corrosion in 10 years. In terms of battery safety, the world's leading third generation battery system, the separation design of the cell and the cooling water channel, high cooling efficiency, better safety performance.

The 0-100km acceleration is only 3.5 seconds, and supports 20 consecutive accelerations without attenuation. In general, extreme athletic performance tends to result in higher energy consumption. Arcfox Polar Fox and Magna jointly adjust the chassis, in the extreme control at the same time, find the best comfort point, new car Elk test up to 80 km/h. Combined with 94% electric drive assembly efficiency, 0.248cd wind resistance coefficient, 44.5% vehicle aluminum content, 26% recovery of braking energy, achieve extreme performance and comfortable endurance of both.

Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version charging pile

In terms of the charging experience that consumers are concerned about, the high voltage electric platform 2.2C flash charging technology of Jihu Alpha S Huawei HI version can charge 195 kilometers in 10 minutes and complete 30-80% charging in 15 minutes. Even in Beijing's coldest winter, it can charge a car with half of its charge in 20 minutes. At the same time, ArcFox Polar Fox also through plug and charge, reservation charging, private pile sharing, wireless charging, charging planning to create a multi-scene intelligent carefree charging, so that car owners forget the range anxiety.

With the polar fox alpha S in the same vein, polar fox alpha S huawei HI version of the sense of design and practicality organic integration. The vehicle adopts a hatchback model, following the boundless aesthetic design concept created by global design master Walter De Silva for Arcfox Ultra Fox. It is matched with Ultrasuede suede, natural stitching process, and 12 speakers +1 bass unit Harman system. At the same time, with the function integration of 20.3 inches ultra-wide sense 4K freewheel interactive screen, To create a sensory feast in all aspects and create a new luxury experience.