Once again, BAIC Group won the "Best Employers” award

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The China Best Employer Award ceremony 2019 themed on “The mutual development in workplace with efficiency and success” jointly initiated by Zhaopin.com and Harvard Business Review, Social Survey and Research Center of Peking University, and China Association of Labor Economics, was held in Guangzhou on November 29. BAIC Group, has won the "China Best Employers of the Year" award for the ninth consecutive year and once again ranked in the top ten "China Best Employers of the Year", thanks to its outstanding performance in human resource management and employer brand building.

Today, the interdependence between employers and employees based on mutual benefit has become closer as the external macro environment remains complex and harsh and China's economic development has entered the new normal state. Workplace has evolved into a co-evolution and joint development of enterprises and individuals. China best employers of the year award in 2019 is themed around " The mutual development in workplace with efficiency and success". Organization efficiency and the employment relationship under increasing external environment challenges is inspected through scientific, professional and impartial investigation and survey from the aspects of work environment, employers' image, organization management, growth, development, salary, benefits, etc. It provides reference for enterprises and talents mutualism and coevolution, and awards the enterprises with outstanding performance.

    BAIC Group, as a backbone enterprise in China's globalized automotive industry, has 130,000 employees at home and abroad and an annual revenue of 500 billion yuan, ranking 129th among the world top 500 in 2019. BAIC Group has established a complete industrial chain covering research and development of vehicles and parts, manufacturing, automobile service trade, all-around travel service, finance and investment business and vocational education. It has realized the strategic extension to general aviation industry and became a large state-owned enterprise group with the most complete product chains and leading in the new energy automotive market. It owns BAIC Motor, Changhe Automobile, BJEV, BAIC Foton, Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, Hainachuan, Beijing General Aviation, BAIC R&D Institute and other well-known enterprises and research and development institutions.

 In the new era, BAIC Group is forging ahead towards the goal of "century-old company" and contributing to the power of China in the automotive industry according to the requirements of high-quality development. BAIC Group is centered around the "high, new, special" industrial structure and comprehensively promotes the new energy and intelligent network of "two-wheel driven strategy" and "dolphin + strategy". It released the new passenger car brand "BEIJING ®", made the slogan of "from BEIJING to the world and the future". A new chapter has been opened for BAIC to the world and the future development.

Baic Group attaches great importance to talent and human resource management and is always committed to creating an environment for employees to realize their own value. In the journey of becoming mainstream brands in the global automotive industry, BAIC Group adheres to the concept of "talent is the first resource of an enterprise", giving priority to the development of human resources, the adjustment of talent structure, the accumulation of human capital and the guarantee of human investment. Just as Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group, said: Talent is the key to realize the "Chinese Dream"; Talent is the engine of BAIC Group's transformation and development; Talent is the foundation of automobile power. In order to build a high-quality talent team, there must be the BAIC masters’ spirit of "perseverance, persistence, focus, perfection" closely centered around the development strategy and goals with a more broad thinking and more powerful, more firm work styles, so as to form a talent value of respecting knowledge, respecting creation and respecting talents. In this way we can increase the efficiency of the talents, promote talent development strategy, release the vitality of talents and free the enthusiasm and creativity of talents in the real sense, and provide a solid talent guarantee for the transformation and development of BAIC Group.

 The urgency to attract and retain automotive talent is becoming more prominent in the era of "unprecedented changes in a century". BAIC Group complies with the requirements of the times of mutualism and coevolution between talents and employer, and pays attention to the joint growth of talent and organization. According to the deployment requirements of Cai Suping, member of the standing committee of the party committee and deputy general manager, HR system of the group is aimed at "activating the organizational effectiveness and empower the " high, new, special "development of the group, to create efficient innovative intellectual resources system", following the work principle of "focusing on the five keys, deepening the three mechanisms, training the  team and building a system" Human and organizational efficiency is improved through the value resonance between employees and enterprises. The Group human resources system actively and rapidly transformed to "the strategic human resource management mode with priority to high value-added business ". The capacity to achieve to attract, retain and motivate talents on the platform to play a greater potential and booster group strategic transformation has been improved from critical business support, human resources development, the key mechanisms and human resources system, etc. Winning this award reflects the industry's full recognition of BAIC Group's human resource management system and talent development strategy, and is a full affirmation of BAIC Group's employer brand construction.

"All the past is preface", the honor is a recognition of achievements yesterday. At present, BAIC Group is rapidly transforming from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing service provider and innovative enterprise, and has entered a new era of "high, new and special" development, which puts forward higher requirements for the group's human resources management. Looking forward to the future, BAIC Group human resources system will continue to innovative talent management systems and mechanisms, welcome changes in a more positive and open mind, continuously optimize organizational effectiveness, stimulate the individual energy, upgrade talent growth system and the innovation incentive mechanism, create environment for the development of enterprises and talents, build the talent highland of the auto industry of China, and spare no efforts in making the "Century-old BAIC" brand.

What is "China Best Employer of the Year"?

    "China Best Employers of the Year" is a selection activity jointly initiated by Zhaopin.com, a talent ecological leader, and the Social Survey Research Center of Peking University, and jointly carried out by UN Women, the World Health Organization, Harvard Business Review and the China Society of Labor Economics. This activity aims to select a batch of benchmarking enterprises for employer brand building and encourage enterprises to further promote the building of employer brand; The most important achievement is to spread the concept and experience of the employer brand widely and promote the implementation and development of the employer brand in the Chinese business community.

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