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Young blood · new voices

Welcome to BAIC GROUP!


Every year in the entry season, there are always a number of outstanding dream pursuers who come from universities all over the world and join the BAIC family to contribute to the development of China's automobile industry.

They help to speed up BAIC`s development with their acute sense and fresh mind, growing and contributing in various positions.

BAIC: I heard that you are a student of Beijing 2021 xcellent Training Program?

  changchun:   Changchun: Yes, I decided to engage in the R&D of lithium-ion battery technology before my graduate study. My positioning for myself is to work for BAIC, a leading enterprise in the research and development of electric vehicles. This has always been in my dream list, especially after I got to know the senior strength of BAIC in the field of battery, motor and electric control. I came here through the Excellent Training program. (Note: the "Excellent Training Program", also known as the "Excellent Management Talent Training Program", aims to recruit outstanding university graduates to work in Beijing in order to further strengthen the construction of high-quality professional cadres and provide support for the high-quality development of the capital.     BAIC: How do you view your position?    changchun:     The development of high-performance cell requires not only the knowledge of battery working principle, anode and cathode materials, diaphragm and electrolyte, but also knowledge of the structure and working environment of the whole power battery, and keeping up with the cutting-edge trends in the academic world. It is a position with high requirements on professionalism and timeliness    

BAIC: Have you got used to working here in BAIC?


The most shocking thing I've experienced here

is colleagues' professional knowledge reserve of cell development

From development principles to testing and the analysis of performance differences

make me realized how specialized and wide the team's knowledge is

I like the choice I made, hahahah

And the tutor does not only give me a lot of guidance on my major

also paid special attention to the change in my mindset when I entered the workforce for the first time

I feel very lucky to be part of this team

He said:
“I think us the new employees of 2021
happened to join the BAIC reform opportunities in time
Especially the integration of R&D resources
I`m full of confidence in the future! "

BAIC: I heard that you are busy doing research on perceptual algorithms?


My position now is a perceptual algorithm development engineer
As the future development trend of automobile
I've always been particularly interested in perceptual algorithms for intelligent driving
Although perceptual algorithms are difficult to learn
also requires broad knowledge
But I hope to make due achievements through my efforts and exploration

BAIC: How do you feel after entering the company?


In fact, as a newbie, I feel strange and unknown about everything around me
I am very grateful to my chief and colleagues` help
They did not only tell me about the departments patiently
but also taught me about laser radar, millimeter wave radar
fusion algorithms and other expertise knowledge
Let me quickly adapt to the current post

She said:
"When I first came to BAIC, I witnessed the transformation of BAIC as a newcomer
I firmly believe that this is a turning point, and a good opportunity
As long as we BAIC people work hard together
we will make brilliant achievements again!"

BAIC: Why did you decide to return to China?


Compared with Italy and some European countries
China's new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly and has obvious advantages
I am currently working as a product planner in the Market Research and Business Innovation Department
I need to go deep into the market and users to find out their real needs
I also need to do more forward thinking and design
I hope I can apply what I have learned abroad to my practical work
I look forward to contributing my strength to the ARCFOX in the future

BAIC: how are you getting used to the new position?


I work in a dynamic and innovative department
Colleagues are very nice and have outstanding professional ability 
They voluntarily help me to get used to the business quickly
The working atmosphere here is very friendly and harmonious
As part of a team
It's the same goal in everyone`s mind
The spirit of moving forward together moved me very much

He said
"Reform enable enterprises to achieve higher and faster development
I am very optimistic about the future of BAIC Group!"

BAIC: How do you view the marketing position?


Marketing requires at least strong market awareness
Good organizational ability and team coordination ability
I hope I can play a "link between the above and the below" role
Undertake various work of the company headquarters
Consider the characteristics of regional market to constantly put forward new ideas
and further promote innovative marketing

She said:
"Hopefully in the development of subsequent work
I can continuously realize my own value and make progress with the company."

BAIC: Dealing with numbers every day, have fun in that?


I think financial work requires very strong professional quality and ability
Especially in the era of rapid digital development
The ability of informatization determines the maximum of work efficiency and accuracy
We the new generation of young people need be professional
Using state-of-the-art analytical tools
Constantly improve our professional level

BAIC: Have you got used to it?


I was the youngest member of the team
I`ve no idea how to start my job in the beginning
It is the senior members of the team who taught me “hands on” business knowledge
and often tell me how to behave and do things
Thank Penglong for giving me many opportunities to show myself and improve my ability
I also want to thank the seniors in the team for their patience in helping me grow

She said
"As a member of the young blood,
I'm trying to keep up with the times
Contribute to the development of BAIC"

BAIC: I heard you are responsible for engine work?


I am mainly responsible for engine assembly planning
Although the engine is no longer the industry focus
But there are opportunities to dive into new projects, new products, serialization
and equipment planning, process planning work
My job is both technical and project management
Excellent chance to enhance my ability

She said
"BAIC has a deep technical foundation in electric cars, 
conventional fuel cars and commercial vehicles 
I believe I will have a good career development in BAIC."


Reforming at the right time, realizing the century-old dream—it is reform and adjustment stage of building the “century-old BAIC” dream, and also a golden opportunity for young people to give full play to their talents.

Let`s look forward to the new employees to carry forward the spirit of BAIC, grow and develop, achieve a better self, and contribute their own strength to the “century-old BAIC”!  

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