BAIC Group: Uniting the Anti-pandemic Forces and Highlighting the Responsibility of State-owned Enterprises

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At present, the domestic pandemic is spreading at many points. BAIC Group actively implements the major decision-making arrangements of the Central Committee of C.P.C. and various work requirements of Beijing Municipal Committee of C.P.C. and Municipal Government. It adheres to the two-line fighting of "pandemic prevention and steady operation", and sticks to the "customer-centered" service standard. It contributes its strength to protecting the rights and interests of every customer, ensuring the steady and healthy operation of the economy in the capital and winning the war of pandemic prevention and control.

Providing a Variety of Caring Services "for Customers"

@ ARCFOX Motor

In Beijing, according to the requirements of local pandemic prevention and control, ARCFOX Beijing Center launched the Caring PLUS+ service. 

By dialing 13311350695, you can contact the delivery personnel. You needn’t go to the shop, and ARCFOX Beijing Center will complete the online formalities handling and vehicle delivery service. Moreover, ARCFOX Beijing Center also provides door-to-door collection of replacement vehicles.

By dialing 13311350973, you can make an appointment with a professional technician for door-to-door service to complete vehicle disinfection, basic OTA upgrade, inspection and evaluation, and development of a professional maintenance plan.

By dialing 13311350937, you can contact a maintenance specialist to evaluate the situation of an accident vehicle site, and issue a safe and reasonable solution to ensure worry-free travel.

@ BAIC Motor
In its "Heart-warming Sending“ campaign, BAIC Motor has sent anti-pandemic materials to more than 100 dealers and nearly 5,000 owners of vehicles manufactured by BAIC Motor. In addition, in the "Beijing EU5 Plus New Vehicle Free 7-day Experience" activity, they disinfected and sterilized each experience vehicle with steam atomization, and equipped them with disinfectant paper towels and masks, so as to make owners who came for the test drive fully enjoy the new experience brought by BAIC Motor in a safe environment.

▲ Site of Beijing EU5 Plus New Vehicle Free Experience Activity 

@ BAIC Foton
It set up a "mutual help group" for truck owners trapped by the pandemic. Truck owners can post their help information in the group, and BAIC Foton will do its best to solve problems for customers.

Auman: It invited authoritative professionals in pandemic prevention to explain precautions for pandemic prevention driving, and gave free COVID-19 antigen reagents to truck owners. Relying on Foton e-home big data, it provided itinerary inquiry channels, provided truck owners with exclusive pandemic prevention itinerary cards, and provided data guarantee for accurate pandemic prevention and control. It presented black card membership to Auman truck owners who transported anti-pandemic materials. It provided long-distance intelligent service for users of Auman EST 6, and presented 3,000 COVID-19 confirmed insurances free of charge.

Auhawk Aumark: The Auhawk Aumark homes set up in the service areas of expressways in 8 provinces in China provided customers with free dining service. For truck owners locked down in the pandemic lockdown control areas and expressways, they provided a number of heart-warming services such as meals, disinfectant, masks, COVID-19 antigen reagents, free parking and fully charged portable charger 

Ollin & Xiangling & Rowor & Forland: They sent meals with love to customers, developed the Response Plan of Xiangling Service Guarantee in the Pandemic Area. They launched a number of financial subsidies for Rovor products, and sent "food packages" users in the lockdown areas and frontline anti-pandemic personnel. They also provided gift packages for the truck owners locked down at the expressways due to the pandemic.

@ Beijing Hyundai
Beijing Hyundai started the escort with love to fight against the pandemic - Beijing Hyundai’s "plus caring and love" service in 2022.

Plus security: To avoid unnecessary offline contact during the pandemic, they provide customers with free door-to-door vehicle pick-up and delivery service, remote online renewal and free 24-hour vehicle rescue service.

Plus health: They provide customers with free sterilization and disinfection services for their vehicles, so that customers can have a safe riding environment.

Plus reassurance: Beijing Hyundai has authorized its dealers to extend their business hours during the pandemic, and set up a late service bus. It advocated staggered shopping to create a reassuring shopping experience for customers.

Plus service: The 24×7 pandemic line services provide a number of full-time and full-effect convenient services such as professional consultation, appointment and care for vehicle maintenance. Meanwhile, the customer service team also provides fast and accurate maintenance schemes and approval service for dealer partners, with a timely approval rate of 100%.

@ BAIC Financial Corporation
BAIC Financial Corporation has developed a financial assistance policy for customers of heavy trucks and light trucks. In this policy, it provides financial support services with a two-month delay or extension, reduces the penalty interests arising from the delay and extension and provides credit record protection measures to help truck drivers overcome the difficulties of the pandemic and solve the urgent needs of customers.

"To fight against the pandemic", BAIC citizens go to the front line of communities

In late April, a new wave of pandemic occurred in Beijing, and the situation was severe and complicated. "BAIC forces" sticked to the front line of fighting against the "pandemic". A team of 150 Party members and cadres from all subordinate units of BAIC Group participated in the pandemic prevention and control work in the capital. They assisted in nucleic acid detection, screening, verification and reporting of big data streams … BAIC citizens insisted on their duty and sticked to the front line of pandemic prevention with the sense of responsibility of " worrying all the time".

@ Beijing Hyundai & Beijing Automotive Technology Center
Wang Wei, Liu Yongjie, Wu Linjie and Su Jinwei worked for nine hours a day. Even though their protective clothing was soaked with sweat and their voices were almost hoarse, they still kept a high working enthusiasm, and fully participate in information entry, order maintenance, residents' guidance and disinfection.

▲ Pandemic Prevention Site of Wang Wei, Liu Yongjie, Wu Linjie and Su Jinwei

Zhang Wei assisted in carrying out nucleic acid detection for all the people in the community. He took the initiative to help foreigners and guide them to complete the nucleic acid detection. Before leaving, foreigners gave Zhang Wei a thumbs up and said "Thank you, friend! Thank you,China!” Li Chao sorted out the focus of his work as "10+2+1". "10" means to ensure that a team of 10 people is managed in order, "2" means to remind the team to keep a safe distance of 2 meters at all times, and "1" means to pay attention to the elderly groups on the barrier-free passage at the scene.

▲ Zhang Wei from BAIC SUV is guiding a foreigner to complete the nucleic acid detection.

@ BAIC Group Headquarters
Guo Wanghu went to Shiqiao Community, Gulou Street, Miyun District to participate in pandemic prevention volunteer work. While maintaining the order on the site and guiding residents to keep a safe distance, he cooperated with the information entry clerk to carefully check the residents' information, so as to ensure that no household and no one was missed in nucleic acid detection.

▲ Guo Wanghu from BAIC Group participates in the pandemic prevention support work

@ BAIC Group Finance Co., Ltd.
As novices, Zhou Shuai and Wang Weiguang quickly threw themselves into the intense pandemic prevention battle. They took part in the work such as maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection site, moving pandemic prevention materials, and entering nucleic acid information, with an average daily working time of over 12 hours.

▲ Anti-pandemic figure of employees of BAIC Group Finance Co., Ltd.

@ BAIC Assets Co., Ltd. 
When he assisted a diabetic patient with complicated condition to seek medical treatment and purchase drugs, Li You found that it was a multi-drug mixture rather than a conventional single drug in the medical information. To ensure that the patient can use the drugs in a timely and accurate manner, he contacted the patient directly through the community. After determining the specific name of the drug, he drove to a specialist hospital 15 kilometers away to buy drugs, ensuring that the patient used drugs on time.

▲ Li You from BAIC Assets Co., Ltd. assists the work of medical security team

@ Beijing Automotive Technician Institute
On the day when Shi Changhai took up his post, it was the day of the third round of regional nucleic acid detection for all the people in Fengtai District. He and his "comrades-in-arms" guided the crowd to form a team and consciously keep a distance. They provided special services for priority groups such as the elderly in wheelchairs, and guided those who had finished the detection to leave as soon as possible according to the designed route, ensuring the safe, efficient and orderly community nucleic acid detection.

▲ Pandemic prevention work site of Shi Changhai from Beijing Automotive Technician Institute

@ Beijing General Aviation
Wang Xiaoshan, Han Meng and other cadres, together with street community cadres and volunteers, jointly built a strong defense line to protect the city and life.

▲ Site that cadres from Beijing General Aviation guide the masses to conduct nucleic acid detection

Those BAIC citizens in the front line of communities are ordinary heroes who are brave and resolute. They shine brightly and become the most pleasing ornament in the anti-pandemic map.

"For supply guarantee", the whole industry chain moves.

As the largest state-owned municipal enterprise in Beijing, BAIC Group is duty bound to ensure the steady and healthy operation of the economy in the capital. At present, the pandemic prevention and control situation is severe and complicated, and BAIC Group answers the "big test" with supply guarantee and steady production.

@ BAIC Group Headquarters
They investigated and analyzed the impact of pandemic situation on the Group's production and sales, wrote special reports, organized spare parts guarantee and supply meetings for many times, and helped the enterprises get through basic logistics channels. Meanwhile, they established a red-light reporting mechanism for the production situation of whole vehicle enterprises to keep abreast of the enterprise dynamics, and study and deploy the key work of production guarantee and supply.

@ BAIC Motor
They sort out special chip parts, update the gap information at any time, strive for distribution resources, confirm the chip distribution, arrival and production scheduling plan, and go all out to solve all the problems that affect delivery.

▲ The purchaser from BAIC Motor is at the supplier site.

@ Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
Combined with the production demand of main engine factories after the holiday, Hainachuan made full use of the "May Day" holiday to build up reserve, grab resources, increase inventory, and continued to follow up with and urge suppliers to resume work and increase production, logistics and transportation, and pay close attention to production and replenishment.

▲ Technical Engineering Department of Gestamp Beijing Company does not wait and rely on guaranteed delivery.

@ Beijing Benz
It plans as a whole to handle logistics passes, monitor parts inventory, track the whole transportation process, coordinate production arrangements, assist suppliers in developing emergency supply plans, and deliver "shells" for the capacity improvement of various factories.

▲ The difficulty overcoming team and the production department work together to carry out the independent work of using existing equipment. 

@ BAIC Rocar
Its Zhuzhou Whole Vehicle Department of Zhongdu Logistics actively plans and allocates transportation resources, and innovatively adopts the "road + railway" transportation mode to transport the ARCFOX commercial vehicles produced by BAIC Bluepark Zhenjiang Base to Beijing.

▲ Zhuzhou Whole Vehicle Department of Zhongdu Logistics innovatively adopts the railway transportation mode

Our wills unite like a fortress to tide over the difficulties. 
We accompany each other with true feelings, and work together with our united efforts.
BAIC Group unites anti-pandemic forces and highlights the responsibility of state-owned enterprises with its actions.

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