Guided by market demands, BAIC Group closely focuses on the development orientation of "High-New-Special". On the one hand, BAIC group continues to strengthen independent R&D and deepen industrial cooperation; On the other hand, it gives full play to its technological advantages in new energy and off-road vehicles, based on the platform role of the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, leads the implementation or actively participates in major activities of the industry, and creates an innovation ecosystem.
Faced with the impact of automotive chip shortage caused by COVID-19, the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, initiated by BAIC and granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, established the "Innovation Strategy Alliance of China Automotive Chip Industry" in September 2020, which integrates the two industries of automobile and chip, and combines upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Its member units include more than 70 enterprises and public institutions, such as vehicle enterprises, automotive chip enterprises, automotive electronics suppliers, automotive software suppliers, universities and institutes, and industry organizations, aiming to establish the innovation ecology of China's automotive chip industry, and to help China's automotive chip industry to develop independently, safely and controllably, comprehensively and rapidly. Since the establishment of the Alliance, under the guidance and support of related ministries and commissions at national and Beijing municipal levels, it has completed the release of “The handbook for supply and demand match of vehicle semiconductors” and the signing ceremony of vehicle chip insurance contract. Together with industry institutions, it has taken the "research on the construction of automotive chip standard system", joined industry peers in preparing group standards on pure electric passenger car chips, and held events such as The Innovation Rally of China Automotive Chip Application. It helps to boost the supply side of chips from the demand side of automobiles, and promote innovation with a more open attitude.

Under the background of the rapid development of off-road vehicle market, BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Off-road Vehicle Company") shoulders the reputation of "Old and well-known off-road brand", keeps on developing and providing suggestions for the development of China's off-road vehicle industry together with peers in the industry. BAIC Off-road Vehicle Company, as the leading preparatory unit, promoted the official establishment of “Off-road Vehicle Branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "Off-road Vehicle Branch") in November 2020, and became the first chairman unit of Off-Road Vehicle Branch. Aiming at establishing industry standard system, regulating industry development, serving industry enterprises, meeting off-road users’ demands, expanding off-road ecosystem and promoting the development of off-road industry. It guides the industry to change perspective from vehicle enterprises’ to users’.

The Off-road Vehicle Branch focuses on the following aspects of work: promoting project approval and evaluation of 6 standards such as "Off-road Vehicle Capability Evaluation and Classification"; Setting up China off-road expert database and national Off-road Ecological Alliance to lead the industry; cooperating with industry enterprises to explore overseas opportunities, undertaking the exhibition area of Chinese self-owned vehicle brands at the Second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo; exploring the blue ocean market of off-road vehicles; organizing and holding seminars on standards, consumption, technology in new energy off-road vehicles and other industry activities to promote industry exchanges.

The StarLink Alliance led by Huawei was formally established in September 2020. As the vice chairman unit of the StarLink Alliance, BAIC New Energy Company mainly studies the demands and solutions of SparkLink in the field of intelligent vehicles, carries out tests and application demonstration, and promotes the industry. Since the establishment of the alliance, BAIC BJEV has participated in the formulation of a number of intelligent vehicle group standards, organized and carried out working meetings, and promoted the main business in an orderly manner. “The White Paper on the Application of StarLink Technology in Intelligent Connected Vehicles” which was actively participated by BAIC BJEV in its preparation, was released at the annual meeting and exhibition of China Society of Automotive Engineering in 2021, showing the technical advantages and wide applicability of StarLink technology as a new generation of wireless short-distance communication technology in the field of in-vehicle communication. StarLink Alliance is an industrial alliance committed to globalization. Its goal is to promote the innovation and industrial ecology of SparkLink, a new generation of wireless short-distance communication technology, and to carry the applications of rapidly developing new scenarios such as intelligent vehicles, smart home, intelligent terminals and intelligent manufacturing to meet the ultimate performance requirements.

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