one small step from Shanghai,one giant leap for the global BAIC 2023/04/26
The green BAIC lights up the earth, and the boy in white ignites the audien... 2023/04/23
2023 Shanghai International Auto Show Technology is on the rise, BAIC is ma... 2023/04/21
“Moving to the hearts · Driving to the future”: The release of "Social Resp... 2022/07/07
BLUE Plan! BAIC Group "double carbon" campaign launch 2022/06/16
The warm-up video in the BAIC Group "double carbon" campaign launch 2022/06/14
Center of audience`s attention again! The ARCFOX was shown at the Internati... 2022/06/01
The product release conference of the new HI version of ARCFOX Alpha S 2022/05/19
The Hyundai Tucson L won the Best Comfort award 2022/04/27
The future is in your hands and mine. Let`s work together to light up the e... 2022/04/21
Proud of the universe! BAIC picked back the “feeling-good” trio 2022/04/15
Listen, the starting gun of struggle has been fired 2022/04/07
BAIC Group's negative-pressure ambulances help fight the epidemic in Jilin 2022/03/24
BAIC Group supports the Beijing Winter Olympic (Paralympic) Games 2022 2022/03/12
My colleagues at the Winter Olympics (I) 2022/03/09

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