Slogan of Brand

Moving forward--It is the action of people, the movement of vehicles and the circulation of nature that we rely on for survival. It is also BAIC people's aspiration in automobile business and struggling journey towards the dream.

Following laws—it is people's code of conduct, the driving rules of cars and the laws of nature. It is also the integrity that BAIC people follow and the harmonious laws of development for people, cars and the nature.

Benefiting the world – It means benefiting the world by “good things”. BAIC people are good at improving people's travelling experience. We are committed to realizing people's mobile dreams with innovative products and technology, and creating BAIC's shared values at the same time.


The century-old BAIC helps you achieve a better life


Committed to making China more powerful by automobile strength; "BAIC's Dream" helps to realize the "Chinese Dream"
-- Focused on value creation to lead a happy travelling life

Core values

Professionalism, compliance, sincerity, integrity, innovation and initiative


Working hard, uniting and cooperating
Advancing despite difficulties and determined to win

Core business philosophy

Market oriention, lean operation, value growth

Suggestions & Feedbacks We take every suggestion from you seriously

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