Talent strategic goal

According to the overall requirements of the Group’s "14th Five-year plan" development strategy, centered on the overall goal of "reform, adjustment and high-quality development", the group aims to "activate organizational efficiency, empower the group to develop ‘high, new and special’ technology, and strive to create an efficient and innovative intellectual resource system ". Focusing on "creating an agile organization, promoting human resources digitization transformation, and improving human resource allocation efficiency and effectiveness", etc., the group created comparative advantage 2.0 in human resources competition and built a talent basis for BAIC Group to rank among the tops of Chinese car enterprises and move towards the first class of world auto industry through the "specialized, professional, international and younger" talent team construction,.

Five innovations

Innovation of management control mode

Fully adapted to BAIC strategic transformation requirements of the party-managing-talents pattern

Innovation of talent concept

The BAIC economic development mode driven by talent innovation

Innovation of method and mechanism

Optimized talent structure supporting the group's strategic layout

Innovation of space

The "big BAIC, big talent" work pattern

Innovation of resource allocation

The development and utilization model of talent and intellectual resources

The four systems

01 The market-oriented talent discovery system
02 The extensive personnel training system
03 The coordinated and standardized personnel allocation system
04 The talent incentive system for undertaking business

The five projects

Gathering of international entrepreneurs
The cultivating project
The chief engineer leading project
The Excellent talent reserve project
The talent quality project for the party and mass
Innovative talents’ training project

We will thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles of the General Secretary Xi's important speeches on talent work
Guided by the national strategy of reinvigorating China through human resources
Adhering to the principle of "party-managing-talents”
Closely centered around the BAIC group’s "14th five-year plan" development strategic goals
Following the law of socialist market economy and the law of talent development
Accelerating institutional reform and policy innovation for talent development
Improving the quality and efficiency of human resources work
Exploring and utilizing internal and external human resources of the group

Promoting five innovations
Building four systems
Implementing five projects
Promoting the development of all types of talent in a orderly and coordinated way with the focus on the four talent teams and new energy, independent brands and international talents;
Providing strong talent and intellectual support for realizing the "14th Five-Year plan" of BAIC Group,
Building comparative advantage for BAIC Group 2.0 talent competition.

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