Sixty-five years of forging forward
The centennial journey continues with a glorious future

Following the BAIC spirit of "Working hard, uniting and cooperating, advancing despite difficulties and determined to win", BAIC Group has grown into the backbone of China's automotive industry, the pioneer of transformation and the leading enterprise of Beijing's modern manufacturing industry. It has been listed in the Fortune Global 500 for nine consecutive years. It is also the first state-owned enterprise in Beijing with annual revenue exceeding 500 billion yuan.

We embrace the new technology revolution and opportunities in this new industry revolution era of constant changes. BAIC Group carries out the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing". It comprehensively focuses on independent innovation, deepens the reform and strategic transformation, strives to create "high, new, special" industrial structure, accelerates the overall development of "intelligent network connection" and "new energy", The company has established a scientific, efficient and dynamic management and control system that takes customers as the center and responds quickly to market demands. With safer, more environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable automobile products and quality services, it has created travel experience exceeding expectations for more than 30 million BAIC users at home and abroad.

“Your wish, our ways.” BAIC Group shall focus on value creation, mastering crucial core technology, and making the national car brand stronger in this new journey of “century-old BAIC”, and “serving the country by industry”. It is committed to be a comprehensive vehicle manufacturer and travelling service provider, providing green, intelligent, high-tech and all-around travelling service for people’s travelling life. It will become a corporate citizen recognized by the society, making shareholders satisfied and employees happy. As a "national instrument" for building a strong automobile power, BAIC Group With the high quality and sustainable development of the enterprise in the future, the vision of "The century-old BAIC helps you achieve a better life" will be realized very soon!

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BAIC Group

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