The independent R&D platform of vehicles The digital platform for auto parts and service trade

The R&D platform of passenger cars -- BAIC Research Institute

BAIC Research Institute Co., Ltd. (HEREINAFTER referred to as "BAIC Research Institute") is responsible for the R&D of BAIC's own brands of passenger vehicles. It was officially established on June 8, 2007, and integrated and upgraded in May 2021. BAIC Research Institute has set up the vehicle architecture center, the center of battery, motor and electric control, intelligent network center, modelling center, power center, test and certification center, the department of design cost and engineering, the department of engineering quality and other departments, covering the whole R&D process and business of vehicles. There are more than 4000 members of R&D staff, effectively supporting the BAIC passenger car brands, its core technology R&D and the hardware and software development.

After more than ten years of development, BAIC has established a complete positive R&D system centering on product development, technology development, project management, quality management, cost management and technical standards. It has achieved positive development ability at domestic industry leading level in vehicle architecture, modeling design, intelligent network, development of battery, motor and electric control, performance development, trial production test and other aspects of; it has obtained qualifications such as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Industrial Design Center, National High-Tech Enterprises and other qualifications; its independent R&D achievements have won "Science and Technology Award of China Automotive Industry", "Beijing Science and Technology Award" and many other important scientific and technological awards.

The R&D platform of commercial vehicles -- Foton Engineering Research Institute

BAIC Foton Automobile Co., Ltd. ("BAIC Foton" for short) centering on the innovation concept of" intelligent, new energy, network and lightweight ", has established 15 intelligent innovative R&D centers in mainly Beijing and other cities in China. We actively participated in the formulation of 29 mandatory national standards, accounting for one quarter of all existing standards. It has more than 6,000 authorized patents, including 1183 new energy patents. It has won many science and technology awards such as National/Beijing Science and Technology Award, Science and Technology Award of China Automobile Industry, invention patent awards, etc.

A technological innovation system has been established with four core fields: new energy vehicle technology, intelligent network technology, energy saving technology and lightweight technology. In the field of new energy, it started R&D early and demonstrated operation early, covering multiple technical routes and product lines, and leading the sales. In the field of fuel saving technology and lightweight, it has created the cutting-edge "A super power chain", thanks to the intelligent synergetic development of Foton PDIC power transmission integration. Foton composite-material container won the first prize of China lightweight design; It created the first domestic aluminum-frame light truck products in mass production. In the field of intelligent network connection, the company laid out automatic driving in advance, obtained the first automatic driving road test license for commercial vehicles in China. It realized the first batch of public driving test for heavy truck fleets in China, reached strategic cooperation with Huawei to layout intelligent network connected commercial vehicles in the 5G era, and jointly start the construction of full intelligent system for commercial vehicles in the 5G era. In the field of testing and verification, it has invested 2 billion yuan to build a R&D testing system that reaches the advanced level of domestic commercial vehicles to fully meet the testing needs of products and future new technologies.

The platform for auto parts industry

Beijing Hainachuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. ("Hainachuan"for short) is a component platform of BAIC Group, including more than 30 enterprises and nearly 10 overseas factories worldwide with more than 27,000 employees. Relying on national enterprise technology center, national engineering laboratory, national high-tech enterprise, other innovation platforms and more than 2,000 R&D staff at home and abroad, it has completed the construction of the primary and secondary R&D system. The primary R&D system relies on the R&D capabilities of Hainachuan Technology Center, InNAf Global R&D network, Bohai Piston, Trimet and other wholly owned enterprises to carry out independent design and development; The secondary R&D system is to mobilize the joint venture manufacturers of components, encourage them to explore the external market, and share the R&D results internally and externally. Through the integrated development of the primary and secondary R&D systems, it has built a R&D cluster of components in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, opened up the upstream and downstream industry chain, provides one-stop service for vehicle manufacturers, shortened the R&D cycle and reduced the cost of automotive enterprises.
The feature products of Hainachuan include interior and exterior decoration, electronic appliances, chassis, power, body, new energy, intelligent network and other businesses. It has top strength in skylight, piston, aluminum lightweight and other fields, providing products and services for more than 40 well-known vehicle enterprises around the world. Based on the layout of lightweight, electrification and intelligent network connection, Hainachuan provides customers with highly technical and cost-efficient solutions using new materials, new technologies and new processes.

Digital service trade and logistics platform

BAIC Penglong Automobile Service Trading Co., Ltd. (" BAIC Penglong "for short) is a platform of BAIC Group engaged in automobile manufacturing services and automobile consumption services. Its main business is automobile distribution, after-sales parts, automobile logistics and second-hand car trading services. In the process of transformation and upgrading of BAIC Group to an innovative enterprise providing manufacturing and service, BAIC Penglong has also actively carried out self-innovation with digital and information transformation of its main business to meet market demand.

In terms of digital marketing

In terms of digital marketing, automobile service trade enterprises urgently need to carry out digital transformation and upgrading in order to solve the prominent problem that the traditional automobile marketing model is difficult to play a role in the context of the low speed growth of the automobile industry and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control measures. "i BAIC" project is an innovative practice of BAIC digital transformation. This project is led by BAIC Group and implemented by Baic Penglong with the aid of Jingdong in big data acquisition/search, retail technology practice and operating resources, to build a user-centered, online and offline system of digital marketing; provide online services for procurement and suppliers; respond with low cost quickly; upgrade and achieve business growth innovatively. At present, the "i BAIC" project has been successfully applied to 40 enterprises in China. In addition to automobile dealers, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group (CAG) has also entered the project platform.

In digital warehousing and logistics

As the core enterprise providing integrated supply chain of warehousing and transportation services to BAIC Group in terms of digital warehousing and logistics, Zhongdu Logistics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming an intelligent supply chain solution provider and integrated supply chain service provider in the automobile industry. The company has been certified as a 5A logistics enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise and a Beijing "new specialized" small giant, etc. In terms of digital storage, it has realized real-time data acquisition of commercial vehicle processing, automatic sensing of operation area, automation of system process operation, and data fusion of the people, cars, warehouses and operation tasks of the whole process through Beidou centimeter-level high-precision positioning, 5G communications, IOT platform, storage systems, data analysis, modeling, visualization technology and business scenario application. This is an innovative new mode of IOT storage for commercial vehicles. In addition, Zhongdu Logistics is the first enterprise in China using block chain technology in the automotive logistics industry and providing electronic solutions for transport documents, supplying chain financing services, and solving business pain spots significantly. This has been successfully implemented in BAIC BJEV and BAIC independent brands, boosting the efficiency of the vehicle logistics synergy.

In the centralized procurement of bulk materials

As the centralized purchasing platform of bulk material for BAIC, Beijing Penglong Tianchuang Material Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Penglong Tianchuang ") is aimed at the transformation from "traditional single trader to the integrated service provider of ‘technology + quality + service’, driven by technical service and information service. It has set up a production service system based on supply chain service and equipment maintenance, integrating technology and information resources, providing EVI (early intervention) and VA/VE (value analysis and value engineering) and other technical services for main engine factories. The independent development of supply chain information transfer system does not only help information transfer, but also provides data support for the realization of performance analysis, better quality control, cost reduction and higher efficiency.

Digital Transformation Platform

BAIC Bluepark Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bluepark Information") is a digital transformation platform and new software enterprise focusing on automobile industry transformation and digital data assets management and operation. It helps to boost the consumption, marketing, products, manufacturers and suppliers by digital tools. It is committed to be a digital solution provider covering the whole value chain of the auto industry. It provides system solutions such as digital consulting and planning, digital research and production, supply and marketing services, digital travel, digital finance, cloud services, big data, industrial Internet and mobile office.
Blue Valley Information's core products include industrial Internet platform, Internet of vehicles, information security products, Blue Valley cloud products and digital operation platform.

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