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On May 28, the 2022 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show officially opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the first large-scale auto show in the auto industry this year, this Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show shoulders the mission of restarting auto consumption and boosting the industry confidence. ARCFOX Motor, Beijing Benz and Beijing Hyundai of BAIC Group appeared in Shenzhen. In Greater Bay Area, a pioneer place of reform, they displayed their achievements of reform and innovation, including intelligent networking, autonomous driving and cutting-edge new energy technologies.

Re-acceleration of Self-Owned Brands

The theme of this Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show is "Ahead to the Future", which is designed to accelerate the exploration of the latest trend of the integration and development of automobile and technology. As a "pioneer" of electrification transformation of China's automobile industry, BAIC Group has produced a great achievement of ARCFOX Motor through the accumulation of technology, products and brands. And, three products of ARCFOX Motor with intelligent technology empowerment and ultimate experience appeared in the Auto Show, consolidating the image of "pioneer".

ARCFOX αS H1 vehicle, which was just launched on May 7, became the protagonist in the "C" position of ARCFOX Motor Booth.

An ultra-high fusion sensing system consisting of 34 high-sensing hardware truly restores the 3D physical world and accurately identifies obstacles. MDC810 intelligent driving computing platform supports 400TOPS super computing power and can easily cope with complex road conditions. Huawei intelligent cockpit has voice control, visual perception, on-board payment, seamless circulation and other core capabilities specially built for on-board scenes. It is deeply integrated with applications to build a smart travel space, bringing a new cockpit experience with different features, interconnection of all things, intelligent interaction, and continuous growth ... ARCFOX αS H1 vehicle takes intelligent driving to a new height.

The acceleration of the whole vehicle is less than 3.5s per hundred kilometers. Moreover, this model has the first 800V high-voltage batch production vehicle platform in China, with the highest charging power of 187kW, which can supplement the endurance mileage of nearly 200km within 10 minutes. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the power from 30% to 80%. Its full redundant design of aviation level has a backup system in sensing, decision-making, steering, braking, architecture, and power supply, ensuring that the vehicle runs under all weathers and with no worry in all scenes to the maximum extent ... ARCFOX αS H1 vehicle is escorted by all-round protection for outstanding performance.

With 21.7-inch ultra-high-definition large screen, Harman brand audio, top-level mute technology, baby-touch fabric selection, whole vehicle seat heating, partitioned intelligent air conditioning and so on, ARCFOX αS H1 vehicle provides each passenger with the most comfortable ride. Every detail reflects ARCFOX's understanding of health and family.

Besides wonderful ARCFOX αS H1 vehicle,ARCFOX αS vehicle with a long true endurance of 708 kilometers and ARCFOX αT vehicle equipped with electric adaptive all-terrain four-wheel drive system also appeared at this Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show.

Joint Venture and Further Improvement

Joint venture makes high-quality development have an "acceleration". At this Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, two joint venture brands of BAIC Group provided more and better choices for Chinese consumers with brand-new product camps and technology iterations.

With brand-new booth design and brand-new product lineup, Mercedes-Benz, with its entire brand and 21 models, appeared in Hall 5. Among them, its newly designed 360 rotating stage was shown for the first time. Inspired by the trident star emblem, the innovative stage design combined digital technology and artistic devices to creatively present three stages with different aesthetic moods, enabling the audience to experience the unique charm of different star emblem products. 

The appearance of 2022 EQA and EQB electric SUVs made by Beijing Benz further on such a beautiful stage further enriched the vanguard luxury travel lineup.

EQ350 4MATIC electric SUV is equipped with AMG body style components and 19-inch five light alloy wheels,and DINAMICA leather material newly added create a driving experience with excellent texture and comfort, which also makes its personality more distinct. EQB 260 is a newly-added electric SUV model. It adopts 5-seat layout, and has excellent riding space and outstanding loading capacity, and can achieve an endurance mileage of 600km under CLTC working condition. The endurance mileage of EQA 260 electric SUV under CLTC working condition can reach 619 km, which is equivalent to driving Guangzhou, a central city in the Greater Bay Area, to Haikou without charging under full power.

In the digital age, 2022 EQA and EQB electric SUVs are equipped with the latest generation of MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system. With many EQ exclusive functions such as "EQ optimized navigation" and "climate pre-control", they meet the demand of users for smart travel in the electric age. In addition, 2022 EQA and EQB electric SUVs can be equipped with the smog terminator 3.0 function to effectively purify the air inside the vehicle. 2022 EQB 350 4MATIC electric SUVs are also equipped with intelligent driving assistance system with rich functions. 

At this auto show, 12 models of Beijing Hyundai family appeared in Hall 2. As the focus of the booth, the fifth-generation Tucson L vehicle, which just won the "Best Comfortable Vehicle" award of top ten individual awards of the 2021 China Automobile Grand Ceremony last month, and CUSTO, which has been widely praised since it appeared on the market, have attracted much attention.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of Beijing Hyundai. At an important node of development, the products and technologies displayed by Beijing Hyundai at this auto show demonstrates the good development trend of this established joint venture, and also show the determination of BAIC Group and Hyundai Motor Group to jointly promote the brand's "quality" and "quantity".

Audience of the Greater Bay Area Auto Show should not miss the following benefits.

01. Users who order a ARCFOX αS HI vehicle before June 30 can enjoy the three rights and interests of "flash booking", and the first vehicle owner can also enjoy the six basic rights and interests of service.

02. For users in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,ARCFOX also introduced exclusive preferential policies with great sincerity.Moreover, this preferential policy is not allowed to ARCFOX αS H1  vehicles,and users who purchase ARCFOX αT and αS can also enjoy it.

03. Customers who meet the requirements can enjoy the special policy of replacing old vehicles with new ones and subsidies for the purchase of new energy vehicles in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen city.

04. Nanshan District, Longgang District, Futian District, Yantian District, Bao'an District, Longhua District and Guangming District, Shenzhen have respectively prepared vehicle purchase subsidies for consumers.

Note: For details of preferential policies, please consult the vehicle distribution enterprises participating in the event.

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