A promise we make to protect our homeland with our love and actions

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For thousands of years, 
we have enjoyed her gifts. 
However, after we come back with a full load, 
she is left with cuts and bruises.
Species go extinct one by one.
Forests disappear piece by piece.
We should keep in mind that 
this blue planet is our home.

April 22 is the 53rd World Earth Day. 
We made a vow to protect our homeland:
Starting from now on, 
and starting from our side, 
we would practice low-carbon life, 
and revitalize the earth.

On April 21 -23, BAIC Group and China Green Development Association jointly launched the event of online solicitation for“lighting up the earth with actions”, calling on the public to practice low-carbon life and jointly protect the green home.

Any way from music, message, call to action, performance, painting and video can show your care for the earth and support for low-carbon environmental protection. Please click here for more details of the event.

 An invitation letter from the future is waiting for your opening.

Every little change can create a better future.
 Let's light up the earth with our actions,
 and live in harmony with nature.

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