Media Clicks the Like! ARCFOX αS HI Vehicle has been Praised Constantly!

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As a representative work of BAIC Group's self-owned brand, ARCFOX αS HI vehicle has attracted numerous attention since it appeared on the market on May 7.

With strong triple power strength and advanced intelligent level, it has caused topics inside and outside the automotive industry.

The authoritative media said ——
This is a “world-class vehicle that China's automotive industry needs".

The big shot of testing and evaluation said ——
 This is the model with the best intelligent driving experience. 
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Authoritative Media 

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Every appraisal and every evaluation and testing are the driving force for BAIC Group to move forward.

In the future, BAIC Group will continue to drive the brand improvement with its product improvement, and be committed to providing all consumers with a better vehicle driving and riding experience.


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