Beijing Daily: Under the Banner of the Communist Party of China, BAIC Group Deepens and Speeds up the Pace of High-quality Development

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This year is the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Under the banner of the Communist Party of China, BAIC Group, as an important state-owned enterprise in the capital, has worked hard and unswervingly to guide the high-quality development of the enterprise with Party building, writing a new chapter.

Beijing Daily, published on July 2, made a full-page report on the vivid practice of BAIC Group.


In July, a fiery-red month, BAIC    Group forges ahead with faith and passion.

In this vibrant land of Beijing, BAIC Group, as a skeleton force of the capital's economic construction, is writing the answer sheet of the times of high-quality development with its firm practice of "reform and innovation for the future".

In 2022, the development of BAIC’s "14th Five-Year Plan" has entered a crucial year of connecting the preceding and the following, squatting and taking off. BAIC firmly practices the new development concept, and resolutely promotes the structural reform of the supply side and the transformation of the development mode. The Party Committee of BAIC Group actively implements the spirit of the Central Committee of C.P.C., Beijing Municipal Committee of C.P.C. and Municipal Government. It leads 100,000 BAIC citizens to adhere to the initial intention of " resolving to make good vehicles for the country", to make a "good start" and to strive to "run with acceleration ".

The banner of the Party is flying in the wind! 

At present, with forceful strategic initiatives, rapid and steady development of projects, supply guarantee and steady production of enterprises, BAIC is moving forward with a deeper and faster pace to open up a high-quality and sustainable development road.

Driven by Innovation, BAIC Speeds up the Process of High-Quality Development.

ARCFOX αs HI vehicle appears at Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Auto Show


High quality is the unswerving development main line of BAIC Group. Driven by innovation, it has become a key mark for BAIC to transform old and new kinetic energy.

In the past six months, despite the challenges such as spread of domestic pandemic at many points and tight supply of chips, BAIC's innovation process didn’t slow down. Instead, it closely followed the "high-tech and special" strategy, and sped up the advancement of technical products, brand going global, green development and strategic cooperation, making achievements in many aspects and consolidating the foundation and stamina of development.

Speeding up the Process of Creating a Better Life with Science and Technology

Bearing in mind that "we must master the key core technologies in our own hands", BAIC is based on the construction of "science and technology innovation center" in the capital. It actively gives play to the innovative role of enterprises to achieve self-reliance and self-improvement in scientific and technological innovation.

On the basis of building five scientific and technological innovation platforms, including passenger vehicle R&D, commercial vehicle R&D, auto parts R&D, digital service trade and logistics, and digital transformation, BAIC continues to consolidate its core competitiveness in key technical fields, such as "battery, electric drive, electronic control", hydrogen fuel, intelligent networking and vehicle architecture. It actively responds to users’ needs, and speeds up product application and transformation of technology.

Beijing Off Road BJ60 vehicle officially appears.

In February, after BAIC Foton released the first technology brand "Galaxy Technology" in the domestic commercial vehicle industry, Foton Auman Galaxy heavy trucks were officially sold on the market. In May, ARCFOX αS H1 vehicles were sold on the global market, and appeared at Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Auto Show immediately after that. In June, BAIC Foton iBlue Spirit, an electric small and medium-sized van positioned at new platform of urban end distribution scenes by BAIC Foton iBlue Auto, was officially sold on the market. The BJ60 new vehicle with profound insight of Off Road Heritage into China's SUV market appeared for the first time, and presale of Beijing Rubik vehicles integrating the design language of Beijing Radiance, magic nuclear power platform and Huawei intelligent cockpit was started. 

Presale of Beijing Rubik vehicles is started

BAIC’s technology and product innovation have also been professionally certified immediately after that. At the just-concluded 2022 World Intelligent Driving Challenge, in the face of difficult challenges and rigorous competition system, ARCFOX αS HI vehicle won the gold medal in intelligent parking and emergency avoidance items. Certified by Beijing Automotive Network Technology Development Co., Ltd., the only operator in Beijing High-level Autopilot Demonstration Zone, the vehicle-road coordination team of Beijing Automotive Technology Center won three firsts in the demonstration zone, namely, the first to realize V2X protocol stack interworking, the first to realize V2X scene triggering at multiple intersections in the demonstration zone, and the first to realize V2X information security communication. 

BAIC respect users, market and law. A wave of high-frequency product combination not only shows the accumulation and progress of BAIC’s technological innovation, but also shows its determination and ambition to promote its own brand to get better.

Speeding up the Process of BAIC's Independent Going Global 

BAIC's independent innovation receives recognition at home and abroad.

On May 20, Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, clicked the like for BAIC Foton Company Philippines in Micro-blog.

To break the situation and get promoted, BAIC cultivates overseas markets. The Philippine market is a microcosm of BAIC's international business. Whether it is a passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle, BAIC's self-owned brand products have spread all over the world.

At present, BAIC brand has built 184 sales networks around the world: in Vietnam, Beijing X7 vehicles continue to sell well, causing a "China whirlwind" in the local area; in Jordan, the urban exhibition hall was officially opened in Amman, and Beijing Off-Road BJ40 vehicle, which fills the gap in the local market, is very popular; In Saudi Arabia, many models of BAIC have become explosive models, and the sales volume continues to rise; in Iraq, the market service agreement has successfully renewed recently.

The overseas performance of commercial vehicles is equally conspicuous. In the first quarter, the overseas sales of BAIC Foton vehicles exceeded 22,000, of which 9,000 vehicles were sold in March, setting a new record for the overseas sales of BAIC Foton vehicles. In Chile, 70 new Foton electric buses were delivered to the metropolitan southern district of the capital Santiago on May 3. In Nigeria, 400 Auman GTL heavy truck products were officially delivered to African customers recently. At IFAT in Munich, Germany, two electric truck products of BAIC Foton were shown, which became the first step to the European market.

Under the background of global competition in the automotive industry, competing with international enterprises is an inevitable requirement for state-owned enterprises to become stronger and bigger. BAIC bravely undertakes its mission, confidently walks to the world, and polishes the shining business card of created in China and made in China.

Speeding up the Process of "Peaking Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality"

As a pioneer in the development of China's new energy automotive industry, BAIC firmly believes that "if people live up to a green hill, and the green hill will live up to people". It pursues the harmonious coexistence of people, vehicles and environment, and takes green development as an important strategic direction.

BAIC Foton AUV Hydrogen Fuel Coach Serves the Winter Olympics

At the remarkable 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, 515 hydrogen fuel cell coaches and 330 Beijing EU7 electric vehicles became a moving "green scenic horizon".

Its vehicles’ low-temperature cold start test, low-temperature driving mileage, low-temperature temperature rise performance test and other tests met the strict standards of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games. BAIC Group successfully completed the service assurance task of major event vehicles with first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services once again. Owing to its green travel, 765.89 tons of carbon emissions were reduced for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Thus, BAIC helped the Beijing Winter Olympics become the first Winter Olympics achieving the carbon neutrality so far. It also became the first vehicle enterprise obtaining the certificate of carbon neutrality.

To further practice the concept of green development, BAIC released the "Blue Plan" on June 15. Through four major actions of product carbon reduction, technology carbon reduction, manufacturing carbon reduction and low-carbon ecology, BAIC will make every effort to peak carbon emissions in 2025 and achieve full decarbonization of products and carbon neutrality of operation in 2050.

Speeding up the Process of Co-construction, Win-win and Joint Assistance of Industrial Development

High-quality joint venture and cooperation are a proper way of BAIC’s high-quality development.

Based on more than 20 years of strategic cooperation, BAIC, Mercedes-Benz Group and Hyundai Group jointly adapt them to the needs of China's automotive industry transformation and automotive consumption upgrading, and continuously promote mutual construction and win-win.

Beijing Mercedes-Benz High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Plant

Let’s embrace the "dual carbon" era together. On June 13, the 4 millionth complete vehicle of Beijing Benz, a joint venture of BAIC Group, and brand-new electric vehicle EQE made in China, rolled off the production line in Shunyi plant. In addition, the 4 millionth engine rolled off the production line in the first quarter of this year. Thus, Beijing Benz officially entered the "double four million" era. Since then, Beijing Benz has formed a strong product matrix consisting of 11 models. It provides consumers with diverse driving power demands with its rich green products, and promote the development of green and low-carbon travel. The Shunyi Plant of Beijing Benz, which produces brand-new EQE vehicles and benchmarks with No. 56 plant, a world leading modern production base of Mercedes Benz, is the frontier of high-end manufacturing with comprehensive efforts by both sides.

Beijing Hyundai, another joint venture of BAIC Group, has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. At this important node, both shareholders have invested a total of 6 billion CNY to comprehensively help Beijing Hyundai further develop its brand strategy, new vehicle technology and marketing, and bring better products and services to Chinese users.

BAIC will accelerate its speed. Although the unprecedented changes in a century have brought more challenges, BAIC is well aware that the fundamentals of China's long-term economic improvement will not change. To make improvements at difficult places, BAIC adheres to being innovation-driven, and integrates the initial intention of "making good vehicles" into the higher pursuit of natural harmony and into the larger stage shared by people in the world.

 With Strong Guidance, BAIC Sticks to Overcoming Difficult Problems 

Although there are a number of difficult problems, what we need to do is to find and deal with the main problems. 

In the face of the unprecedented profound change of high-quality development, the Party Committee of BAIC Group gives full play to its leading role, bravely shoulder the burden, and dares to overcome difficult problems. Based on the strategic positioning of the capital, it promotes the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, constantly solve the bottleneck problems that hinder high-quality development, and release the vitality of enterprise development with the reform deepening the market-oriented mechanism and system.

"As an economy, BAIC should have the organizational ability to face market competition"

In face of the constraints such as complex organizational system, slow market response and insufficient power of combat units, BAIC will build a more professional, efficient and mobile organizational structure and operation mode as a breakthrough.

This year, on the basis of measures such as building the headquarters of "four centers", integrating R&D resources, and adjusting key third-level enterprises to second-level enterprises under direct management, BAIC further strengthens the organizational change of "building self-owned brands efficiently", constantly breaks down functional barriers, gives the greatest resources and management support in R&D, production, marketing and other aspects, and enhances the market adaptability.

Meanwhile, through the development of the business performance appraisal scheme of "one policy for one enterprise", BAIC has formed targeted and refined guidance, supervision and control, especially the value creation-oriented rewards and punishments and clear and timely incentives, gradually forming a market competition atmosphere of "doing things and accomplishing things" in the whole system. Thus, vitality of enterprise is further enhanced.

"Let employees see the value of struggle and be more willing to strive for value creation"

Reform is not only the reform of organization, but also the reform of people's minds.

For some time, BAIC has intensified the innovation of cadre talent management to further liberate all kinds of talents from the rules and regulations by promoting the tenure and contractual management of managers, improving the market-oriented performance appraisal and salary management system, speeding up the promotion and demotion of middle-level leading cadres and the selection and employment of professional managers. The Group headquarters promotes the reform of job determination, post determination and staffing, so a number of young people take to important positions ...

A series of "combination measures" have broken the cognition of "big pot rice" and "iron rice bowl" of state-owned enterprises that are left in many people's minds.

"As long as you are willing to work hard, there will be hope. Now employees are more energetic to do things!" The heartfelt wishes of the vast majority of cadres and workers are just a response to the employment orientation of BAIC, such as "supporting the strugglers" and "winning respect with professionalism". The talent vitality of the enterprise is further enhanced.

"BAIC should focus on the three main businesses of complete vehicles, parts and services, and speed up the structural reform on the supply side."

In the past six months, BAIC sped up the adjustment of industrial structure, further increased the self-owned brand of commercial vehicles, actively promoted the transformation and breakthrough development of Changhe Automobile's "passenger vehicle-to-commercial vehicle" business, and built the strategic base with BAIC heavy trucks as commercial vehicles in the south. It sped up the withdrawal of non-main business sectors and inferior enterprises that should be withdrawn, such as aviation, agriculture and real estate. It took the initiative to adapt it to the development of new energy automotive industry and the switching between the 5th national standard and the 6th national standard, and took many measures to open up the inventory conversion channel. Under a series of measures focusing on the main business and keeping fit, BAIC's industrial layout has become clearer, and its resource vitality has been further enhanced.

While creating economic value, the Party Committee of BAIC shouldered the responsibility, and actively practiced the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the implementation of major national and capital strategies, the holding of major events, the construction of ecological civilization, and social harmony and progress.

In the first half of this year, BAIC successfully completed the service assurance tasks for major events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, the National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and the Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference. Under the pressure of development, it was estimated that more than 2,400 people would be recruited to contribute to stable employment. It urgently deployed negative pressure ambulances and pandemic prevention materials to donate to the areas affected by the pandemic. Enterprises in Beijing actively responded to the requirements of pandemic prevention and control in the capital, and the vast majority of cadres and workers didn’t stop work while staying at home, and didn’t leave their responsibilities while leaving their posts. They fought against the pandemic in double lines. 

The Party Committee of BAIC Group bravely assumes responsibility at major moments, takes the right direction at critical moments, and calmly responds to crises. Thanks to the strong guidance of the Party Committee of BAIC Group, "hard bones" that restrict development have been gradually dismantled, the management system has been revitalized, and superior resources have been concentrated, so this "blueprint" of high-quality development is guaranteed to be completed.

Keeping the Original Intentions Unchanged and Always Retaining the Spirit of Doing Things 

"With the spirit of courageously striving for the lead, we can make a vigorous career."

In the "big battles" and "hard battles" such as fighting for a "good start", pandemic prevention and control, steady production and guaranteed supply, Party members of BAIC practice their original intentions with actions, and unite the forces with their responsibilities. At the critical moment, they can be relied on, withstand and win a triumph. 

In May, the requirements for pandemic prevention were strictly implemented and the on-the-job rate was strictly controlled in Beijing automotive research and development base. Beijing Automotive Technology Center issued a solicitation order at the first time, and more than 300 engineers enthusiastically signed up. Finally, 35 employees were selected to enter the base, and a temporary Party branch of “point company ensuring the R & D” was quickly established. They would stationed there under lockdown for nearly a month, ensuring there is no stop of R & D projects.

In face of the pressure of steady production during the pandemic, Wang Kai, a red collar shift leader at Beijing Benz, actively carried out the full skill training for the shift and team posts and continuously improved the production and operation capacity while leading the team to complete the engine production task with quality and quantity. He and more red collar shift leaders gathered into a red force of steady production.

After receiving the feedback that the goods may be stranded in the risk area, Zhongdu logistics affiliated to BAIC Rocar quickly took actions. It established a commando team of Party members and a supply guarantee project team, refined the division of labor, carried out mobile operations, established a "driver + vehicle source" transportation resource pool, and enabled temporary transit warehouses and sites to ensure that the goods were delivered to customers on time.

To ensure the safe and steady operation of the battery swap stations in all districts of Beijing, BAIC marketing corporation played the role of a fighting fortress of the branch. It selected a skeleton force of Party members, and formed a special inspection team for the safe operation of the battery swap stations. The inspection team inspected 25 battery swap stations in operation in Beijing, ensuring the orderly operation of each battery swap station and improving customer service level and satisfaction.

For a consumer to choose and buy a vehicle during the pandemic, BAIC Rocar's front-line sales personnel would "send the vehicle to the customer’s home, pick him/her up by special car, watch the vehicle by video, and deliver the vehicle home". The after-sales maintenance team has set up a critical group of Party members against machine maintenance to ensure efficient service.

In this action of all people against the pandemic, 100 Party members, cadres and workers of BAIC went to the communities (villages) and incarnated as "Dabai" and "Xiaolan" to measure body temperatures, make registrations, and send materials... Together with grass-roots pandemic prevention personnel, they guarded Beijing and the citizens, and gathered into a "BAIC force" holding fast to the front line of the "epidemic"

During the pandemic, Beijing Hyundai Volunteer Service Team provides services for medical staff to travel.

A Party member is a banner, and a branch is a fortress. BAIC, a team that dares to fight hard and win battles, has always cast its mission and responsibility into every bit of its entrepreneurial work, bravely shouldering heavy burdens, tackling difficulties and fighting hard, and firmly holding its destiny in its own hands.

BAIC believes in the power of faith. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, BAIC is convinced that what the Party banner points to is the direction of victory. The more difficult it is, the more we should move forward.

On the new journey, BAIC will persist in opening up the future with innovation. It will unswervingly deepen the reform, and forge ahead bravely with the aim of "making good vehicles". It will make greater contributions to the economic and social development in the capital with high-quality development and new achievements, and forge ahead to meet the successful holding of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China!

Source: Beijing Daily

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