BAIC Group丨Making breakthroughs and expanding overseas! BAIC Foton’s “going out” has been praised by the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines

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May 20, Huang Xilian, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Philippines, and his delegation went to BAIC Foton Philippines to investigate Chinese companies in the Philippines. Huang Xilian said that Foton is a successful practice of China-Philippines cooperation. In the past six years, China’s contractual investment in the Philippines has exceeded 160 billion pesos, an increase of nearly three times over the previous six years. The future of China-Philippines cooperation is promising. The Chinese embassy is willing to continue to encourage and support Chinese enterprises to exhibit their strengths, further intensify trade exchanges and industrial cooperation between China and the Philippines, achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides, and promote China-Philippines relations to a new level.

As the first Chinese auto brand to rank among the top 10 in the Philippines, BAIC Foton, utilizing the advantages of both China and the Philippines, has realized the assembly and processing of products in the Philippines, directly providing more than 700 local jobs, and the Philippine service marketing network has solved the employment of more than 5,000 people, fully realizing the complementary advantages of the industrial chain and supply chain. Through fifteen years of commercial vehicle technology upgrades and market development, Foton has continuously improved its core competitiveness and has ranked first in sales in the Philippine six-wheel truck market for two consecutive years. It operates thoroughly in market segments such as cold chain transportation, logistics and freight transportation, medical rescue, firefighting and passenger transportation, and has developed extensive and in-depth cooperation with local medical, community, security and transportation.

Based on the domestic market, BAIC has been bravely expanding overseas. the Philippine market is a microcosm of BAIC Group’s international business. Whether it is the passenger car or the commercial vehicle, the footprint of BAIC’s brand products has spread all over the world.

As of April 2022, the BAIC brand has built 184 sales networks around the world: BEIJING X7 has become the sales champion of family SUVs in the price range of US$30,000 in Vietnam in 2021; in the first quarter of this year, the city showroom opened by BAIC International was officially opened in Amman, with three models introduced; as Beijing Off-Road participated in the Dakar Rally held in Saudi Arabia for the second consecutive year, sales of many models continued to increase in the country; and BAIC’s largest overseas showroom has been opened.

In the first quarter of this year, the overseas business of BAIC Group’s commercial vehicle segment also made new breakthroughs. BAIC Foton sold more than 22,000 vehicles overseas, of which more than 9,000 vehicles were sold in March, setting a new record high. In Chile, 70 new Foton pure electric buses were delivered to the southern part of the capital Santiago on May 3; in Nigeria, 400 of Foton’s Auman GTL heavy-duty trucks were officially delivered to African customers recently.

Achieving breakthroughs around the world, BAIC Group’s overseas business has been moving forward, and the record of “going overseas” of its own brand has been continuously refreshed, becoming a representative of enabling the world to re-understand China’s “smart car”.

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