Whether you want to go outdoor camping or open a trunk café, BAIC X7 is your best choice

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Whether you want to go outdoor camping or open a trunk café, BAIC X7 is your best choice

In this early summer, outdoor camping remains popular, and trunk cafes are also emerging. It’s wonderful enough to just imaging that immersing yourself in the landscape and nature, setting up tents, tables and chairs on the lawn, and enjoying a cup of mellow handmade coffee. But the premise of all these good things is a car with a lot of space, such as BAIC X7, which can be deemed as the best of its peers. It not only has a king-size space with huge sunroof which can act as a “portable café”, but also brings you more fresh experiences. Today, I will show you how to unlock an exquisite life with BAIC X7.

Case 1: King-size space with panoramic sunroof enables outdoor camping at any time.

Lying in the embrace of nature, with the starry sky as the quilt and the earth as the bed, such a scene is certainly beautiful. However, it is not easy to sleep comfortably in outdoor camping. On the one hand, suburb area has a large temperature difference between day and night with low temperature and humid ground at night. If there is no perfect moisture-proof and warm equipment, it is easy to catch a cold. On the other hand, there are more mosquitoes in the wild, which will also affect the quality of sleep.

However, BAIC X7 is equipped with King-size room and panoramic sunroof, which can effectively solve these two major pain points. Its wheelbase reaches 2800mm, even surpassing many mid-level SUVs such as the Highlander, forming a much larger space than its peers; the rear seats support 180° flat lay down, which enables the connection with the truck, thus forming a huge space of 1.8 meters that can be used as a bed with a moisture-proof pad. It also has a large panoramic sunroof of 1320mm*850mm, realizing the visual enjoyment like IMAX. At night, lying in the car, looking up at the sky and the glittering galaxy, this is the real ideal life for everyone.


There’s also no need to worry about sudden rains at night. BAIC X7’s smart sensor sunroof system is very sensitive, which can actively monitor the weather and automatically close the sunroof before the rain comes, so that you can sleep comfortably in the wild and feel more at ease.

Case 2: Double-layer trunk can act as portable café


There are always some “portable coffee carts” in the vicinity of outdoor campsites. Many coffee lovers turn the trunk into a “mini bar” to enjoy cups of mellow handmade coffee, creating a strong sense of elegant atmosphere. This unique street coffee culture is highly sought after by young people.

If you want to open a “trunk café”, BAIC X7 is definitely a good choice. Its trunk capacity reaches 410L, and also supports double-layer use. The upper layer can be used to put coffee beans and prepared coffee, and the lower layer is for the coffee machine and cup washer, which is convenient for the orderly arrangement of various materials. After folding down the rear seats, the trunk volume of BAIC X7 is expanded to 1000L, which can easily accommodate things required by the portable café such as tables, chairs, canopy, and menu display racks.

Besides, BAIC X7’s beautiful appearance is also conducive to attracting customers. It adopts capital style exterior with sculptural beauty, and has hidden door handles, two-color diamond cutter rims, and suspended roof, which are cool and stylish. Fashion cars paired with fragrant coffee, a canopy, and a row of tables and chairs would create a picture that attracts internet celebrities to sell “ambience”, making people want to raise a glass and take selfies.

Case 3: Surround stereo effect: drive-in cinema “sounds” great


Under the starry sky, breathing the fresh air, facing the giant screen, and watching an open-air movie in the car is a romantic and pleasant thing, but sitting for two or three hours often places high demand on the comfort of the vehicle.

BEIJIGN X7 is like a tailor-made “private room”. Its sitting position is higher than that of many SUVs. Even if the seat is adjusted to the lowest position, there’s still a good view. The front and rear space is 1020/1007mm respectively with the shoulder space reaching 1455/1431mm. You can change your posture at will when you sit in the car. The seats are very wrapping with functions like front seats ventilation and heating and pneumatic lumbar support adjustment, which can bring you and your friends a comfort and relaxation in the hot summer. 

Thanks to the excellent NVH technology, BEIJIGN X7 has the smallest door closing vibration among its peers as well as excellent sound insulation. No matter how noisy the outside environment is, you can enjoy the silence in the car. The 10 speakers with independent power amplifier not only have high and low bass sound for the four doors, but also have subwoofer sound in both front and rear. After connecting the radio to the specified frequency, you can enjoy the astonishing experience with a huge screen in front of you and 3D stereo surround sound in your ears, which cannot be easily felt in ordinary movie theaters.

Case 4: “CN95” air filter can change the car into "isolation cabin" in seconds at special moments

Besides the comfortable king-size space, what’s more worth mentioning is that BAIC X7 is also equipped with dual-zone automatic constant temperature air conditioner with CN95 air conditioner filter element, AQS air quality management system and negative ion purifier, which can turn the car into an “isolation cabin” in seconds at special moments, effectively purifying the air and ensuring the breathing health of you and your family during daily travel.

In general, BAIC X7 not only has king-size space, but can also act as a “portable coffee cart”, an exclusive box in the drive-in cinema, and even an independent “isolation cabin” at special moments, and it can do so much more than this.

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