BAIC Group Ranked Among the World's Top 500 for Ten Consecutive Years

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On August 3, 2022, Fortune 500 list was officially released. BAIC Group, with its significant influence and economic strength in the domestic automobile industry, ranked 162 on the list with a business revenue of 481.76 billion RMB. BAIC Group has been listed in the Fortune 500 for ten consecutive years, fully highlighting its strength in high-quality development.

Independent global industry chain development driven by science and technology innovation

BAIC Group has always concentrated its superior resources on developing a high-quality real economy. In addition, BAIC has focused on "making good cars" and improving its core competitiveness in the field of science and technology innovation, product creation, and full industrial chain development.

In the field of passenger cars, BAIC has differentiated itself to build three major brands: ARCFOX, Beijing Off-road Vehicle and Beijing Automotive. ARCFOX is designed to explore high-end intelligent new energy sources, and its products, such as ARCFOX αT, ARCFOX αS and the brand new ARCFOX αS HI, have won every battle in various industrial competitions. Beijing Off-road Vehicle has developed a "building block" technology platform that has integrated both technology and comfort, forming a full off-road lineup including BJ80, BJ40 PLUS and the new product BJ60. Beijing Automotive aims at creating an urban intelligent mobile space, Equipped with the“China Heart” Ten Best Engine BAIC magic core 1.5T engine, and launched the X55II.

BAIC attaches importance to end products, and the centralized innovation of the R&D platform and multi-brand applications have fully shown the comprehensive strength of BAIC's global industrial chain. In addition, the adaptive innovation of BAIC's parts platform, the model innovation and resource support of the service trade platform all play an important role.

Important cooperation of BAIC

As a large industrial system, synergy and open cooperation among multiple segments are very essential. In this context, BAIC keeps deepening its strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz Group and Hyundai Group for more than 20 years, extending its cooperation in such areas as new energy, technological innovation, export business and capital layout to jointly promote and share the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.

Besides, BAIC is also actively laying out the global industrial chain and carrying out high-quality cooperation with world-class enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Baidu, Magna and Bosch, as well as research institutes, with a view to delivering strong and high-quality products and services for users.

BAIC is realizing the transformation and cooperation from resource advantages to industrial advantages through cutting-edge research in the automotive industry, global industrial value chain, and the support of multiple capitals.

BAIC's listing on the World Top 500 demonstrates the background and strength of a world-class enterprise, and its vision to contribute to a better travel life for global consumers and the construction of automobiles with high-quality development in a sustainable manner.


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