ARCFOX Automotive: Model Excellence Award at Lightweight Car Body Conference

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After winning two gold medals in the World Intelligent Driving Challenge, ARCFOX won the latest honor at the 9th China Lightweight Car Body Conference, which is the most authoritative conference in the automobile industry.


The 9th China Lightweight Car Body Conference held an award ceremony in Yangzhou on August 11, where the white ARCFOX αS took home the top prize, the Model Excellence Award, for a number of innovative technologies and material applications. The technical team consisting of the ARCFOX αS product director, material experts and car body experts received the honor of outstanding speaker.


Innovative integration of advanced materials and technology—accelerating lightweight innovation


The ARCFOX αS steel and aluminum hybrid body-in-white fully reflects the design concept of high performance and lightweight from the selection of materials. Through the rational use of various aluminum alloys and steel materials such as integrated vacuum high-pressure casting aluminum alloy, 1500 MPa thermoforming steel, aviation aluminum and advanced ultra-high strength steel, the proportion of aluminum alloy in the whole vehicle reaches 46.6%, and the advanced high-strength steel and thermoforming steel accounts for 33.8%. The body lightweight coefficient reaches 1.6 with batteries and 2.1 without batteries, fully leveraging the advantages of steel and aluminum and laying a solid foundation for the lightweight car body.


Three advantages of ARCFOX αS


In addition to its lightweight feature, ARCFOX αS body-in-white also features high durability, good integration and excellent safety.


1. Excellent safety

The development and application of collision energy-absorbing materials, excellent collision force transmission path and structural design, and the design of new aluminum alloy carling have contributed to the high safety of the white ARCFOX αS. The R&D process strictly complies with the design requirements of C-NCAP, C-IASI and European E-NCAP. Besides, the indicators of the C-IASI 2017 standard small offset working condition are excellent, and the C-NCAP 2021 column collision working condition test is a full score.

Column/side column collision optimization


2. High durability

The stable "five rings" design, key section design and advanced connection technology support have realized the high durability of the white ARCFOX αS. The whole vehicle forms a "cage frame" body structure under the "five rings" design concept, which ensures the stability of the body.

Body application schematic


3. Good integration

The large aluminum alloy die-casting and the integrated design of multiple parts have achieved the high integration of the white ARCFOX αS. The front and rear wheel pack assembly adopts high-pressure aluminum casting technology to realize the integrated design of multiple parts, which not only reduces the number of parts, but also increases the precision and strength of the body.

Die-cast aluminum parts of the whole vehicle


ARCFOX αS won the "Model Excellence Award" not only due to the benefits of lightweight materials and process architecture, but also due to its dominant position in the industry in all areas, including safety, durability, and integration. In the future, ARCFOX will keep up its "user-centered" practices and commitment to giving users a more convenient and effective driving experience.

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