ARCFOX charging pile won the Gold Award of International Design Awards (IDA)

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The International Design Awards (IDA), founded by Farmani Group of the United States, recently announced its 16th award winners for 2022; and the ARCFOX charging pile line, which was independently developed by BAIC GROUP, won the Gold Award for 2022.

The IDA was founded in 2007 by the Farmani Group, which also organizes the Architecture Master Prize (AMP), the European Product Design Award (EPDA), the DNA Paris Design Awards and many other important awards. The IDA is commonly referred to as one of the four top industrial design awards in the world, along with the IF Design Award from Germany, the Red Dot Design Award, and the G-Mark Design Award from Japan. With the outstanding performance in beauty, function, user experience, and other aspects; ARCFOX charging pile once again stands out among many excellent works of the industry, adds another honorary award for ARCFOX brand.

ARCFOX charging pile adopts the modelling design of the ARCFOX αT model. Through the design of curved surface and X-shaped lines, the overall appearance is very beautiful and recognizable, while the innovative integration of the same silver-gray metallic paint as ARCFOX model further strengthens the visual effect.

In order to make the charging pile match ARCFOX's high-end brand positioning, the BAIC development team also invited female users of different ages to conduct detailed research on the color of the charging pile, the weight, grip thickness, friction of the charging gun, etc. The extreme pursuit of details creates the excellent design of the ARCFOX charging pile.

According to the user's high-frequency charging scenario, the charging pile is defined as 480kW supercharging pile and 7kW AC pile. Taking 7kW AC pile as an example, the charging dock and charging bank can be integrated into one through the industry's first building block combination. Users' charging and external discharge needs can be completed with only charging gun, discharge gun and one wire harness, while in the past, at least five charging guns and four wire harnesses were needed to achieve the above effect.

The main feature of the ARCFOX charging pile is "Plug-and Play". As the network is connected, users can directly plug in the charging gun to charge and then automatically complete the payment remotely, eliminating the complicated charging steps on the traditional charging pile. ARCFOX APP allows users to remotely start and stop charging, monitor the status of charging piles, and share charging piles with relatives, visitors, and strangers.

There are two technical paths to improve charging efficiency in the industry: increasing charging current and increasing charging voltage. Based on the judgment on market expectations and the investigation of user demand, BAIC decided to incorporate high-voltage and high-current technology into the development plan. The continuous output of high voltage and large current will produce huge energy and heat, the need to cool the cable of the charging gun; and the mainstream natural cooling DC pile of the industry, when conventional charging cable section area in 25-70mm², the maximum load current can only reach 200A. In order to meet the high voltage and high current requirements of 1000V and 600A of the ARCFOX supercharging pile, the development team specially designed a set of 3.5kW water-oil dual-mode liquid cooling system for the charging cable of the ARCFOX supercharged pile, which guaranteed the safety and reliability of the charging pile through the characteristics of high insulation, high fluidity and high thermal conductivity of the liquid cooling medium.

With the technical support of supercharging pile and support of 180kW, 750V high voltage fast charging ARCFOX αS HI model, it can achieve 10 minutes of charging and 197 km of range increase, allowing users to quickly charge their cars at the same speed as refueling.

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