Ignite the Twinkle | BAIC Unveiled the Next-Gen Vehicle X55II in Central and South America

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On August 24th, the BAIC X55II was officially launched at the Yacht Club in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The event attracted over 280 participants, including secondary dealers, opinion leaders, automotive influencers, more than 30 media outlets, and 18 dealers from the Latin American region.

This launch event marked the final stop of the X55II series launch activities in Central and South America. In the vibrant and dynamic continent of South America, the X55II showcased its unique vitality and energy, instantly capturing the enthusiasm of the Gen Zer consumers. This fresh product, with its bold and vibrant colors and avant-garde styling, garnered admiration from all present and marked the commencement of the new era of BAIC 2.0 products.

The Gen Z era has evolved alongside the growth of the internet. Catering to the lifestyle of Gen Zers, the series of launch events in Central and South America created technologically immersive and trend-setting scenes that perfectly showcased the X55II's cutting-edge and stylish product attributes. The unified product tone and well-coordinated launch schedule rapidly garnered substantial market attention, effectively spreading the message.

In Argentina, the launch event featured a captivating and high-tech car body projection segment. The X55II effortlessly embraced the dynamic colors and creative graffiti. Subsequently, a traditional Argentine TANGO performance, combined with the artistry of local musicians, elevated the atmosphere to its zenith.

Argentinian X55II Car Body Projection Animation


In Santiago, the capital of Chile, the Hilaria Event Center brimmed with a contemporary and youthful ambiance. Incorporating elements such as skateboarding, cycling, modern dance, and Instagram-worthy photo spots, the event perfectly encapsulated the X55II's trendy characteristics.

In Peru, at the BTH Hotel, the BAIC X55II launch event invited renowned local artists TAMIKI and Ilustronauta to create live art.

The BAIC X55II boasts a design theme dubbed "Diamond Starry Sky," with its sharp and distinctive front headlight styling. Featuring the popular split-style design, the headlights are highly recognizable when illuminated. The closed-star grille is equipped with starlight wings LED daytime running lights, a sensor-based hidden door handle design, and electronic exterior mirrors, all contributing to a heightened sense of technology. Stepping inside the vehicle, the interior draws inspiration from the control console of a spacecraft, featuring a "C"-shaped air vent design, an aircraft-like electronic gear lever, 3D ambient lighting, and extensive use of soft materials to encapsulate the "Diamond Starry Sky" design theme.

Throughout the Central and South American launch events for the X55II, various countries creatively incorporated starry themes in their showroom arrangements, with dazzling light and shadow effects creating a modern ambiance, immersing the audience as if they were navigating the boundless universe in the BAIC X55II.

The launch events in Central and South America have injected new vitality into the region. With the introduction of new-generation BAIC products like the X55II, BAIC has made a promising start and established its presence in the global market. This has instilled confidence in its dealer partners and brought delightful surprises to consumers.

In the first eight months of 2023, cumulative terminal sales in Central and South America surged, achieving nearly 4,000 units, a YoY growth of 55.4%.

In recent years, BAIC's rapid iteration of research and development technology and continuous enhancement of service quality have highlighted its unwavering determination and global action. With a global mindset during the development phase and rigorous control during production, BAIC ensures product quality as it ventures into the global market. In the future, BAIC will accelerate high-quality overseas business development, continually enhance product and brand strength, reinforce the full value-chain system, and contribute steadfast support to the realization of China's automotive breakthroughs on the global stage, aligning with the pursuit of a new development paradigm.

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