BAIC empowers quality equality with science and technology. By 2023, BAIC’s investment in R&D will exceed CNY 100 billion

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On April 20, a BAIC × TECH BAIC science and technology salon with the theme of Technology Moving Towards the Light with Craftsmanship was held in Beijing on the eve of the automotive exhibition. BAIC Group had in-depth communication with the media on scientific and technological innovation. It showed a number of industry-leading technologies and its vehicle manufacturing proposition that “Technology Empowered Equal Quality Rights”. It also announced that by 2030, its investment in R&D will exceed CNY 100 billion, and its core technologies will be at the forefront of the industry. BAIC takes “craftsmanship” as the standard of scientific and technological innovation. Every cent of its investment is real, and every technical detail is regarded as a mission. It uses smarter, more energy-efficient and safer scientific and technological innovation achievements to improve the quality, achieve equal quality rights, and make the temperature of science and technology become the light that illuminates travel.

Manufacturing High-quality Vehicles with Craftsmanship
Leading the Industry with 35,000 Patents

In the automotive industry with fierce competitiveness, what does BAIC use to compete with others? Liu Yu, Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group, gave an answer: starting from user needs, helping users solve problems, creating values for users, BAIC uses craftsmanship, science and technology to manufacture high-quality vehicles. “In every visible and invisible place of a vehicle, we show our utmost sincerity and put in solid efforts to ensure quality,” Liu Yu said.

The long-term and down-to-earth nature of vehicle manufacturing is a solid foundation for BAIC to ensure quality. Up to now, BAIC has applied for about 35,000 patents, and its patent number is in the forefront of the industry. Its core technologies such as electric motor, power battery, electronic control system and hydrogen energy have won the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in China’s Automotive Industry for six times. BAIC has grasped over 4,000 enterprise technical standards. It has participated in the formulation of over 300 national and industry standards, making it a leader in the formulation of industry technical standards. BAIC has the world’s top test center in the fields of electric motor, power battery, electronic control system and intelligent networking, and its trial production and test resources are in the forefront of the industry. In 2024, BAIC invested CNY 13.21 billion in R&D, with an R&D team of over 8,000 people. By 2030, the cumulative investment in R&D will exceed CNY 100 billion.

The value of science and technology lies in equal quality rights. 
BAIC insists on “being smarter, more energy-efficient and safer”.

At the salon, Wang Lei, director of Beijing Automotive Technology Center, illustrated the “equal quality rights” in the hearts of R&D engineers from being smarter, more energy-efficient and safer. He used a number of very reliable technologies to interpret how BAIC can create the highest-quality products and meet the most genuine needs of users.

In BAIC's view, “smarter” means making travel life worry-free, comfortable, and enjoyable. BAIC is one of the first batch of enterprises in the industry to achieve the equipment of AI big models in vehicles. Its Arcfox Kadla, Alpha T5 and other products have the ability to self-awareness, active learning, and infinite dialogue. The pioneer edition of Arcfox Alpha S has achieved the “strongest” L3 level intelligent driving on the surface, and is one of the first batch of models achieving urban NOA function in the industry. Not long ago, BAIC became one of the first batch of domestic enterprises to obtain an L3 level self-driving public road test license. The video of BJ60 turning around which caught the eyes on the spot at the salon is a demonstration of BAIC’s core technology in intelligent chassis.

To be more energy-efficient, BAIC continuously extends the attributes and characteristics of new energy vehicles with science and technology to achieve the goal of “using less energy while running farther and faster”. Wang Lei took the highly discussed “motor with high rpm” in the industry as an example. BAIC has the most complete motor model spectrum in China, and can develop the motors with the highest rpm in the industry, but it does not blindly improve the rpm. The single motor assembly speed in the fifth-generation motor is maintained at 22,000 rpm, while the power density is increased, achieving an acceleration of 7 seconds per 100 kilometers and reducing energy consumption by more than 10% for a whole vehicle. Thus, it enables consumers to truly feel the cost reduction brought about by technological progress. Another example is that BAIC took the lead in installing an 800V high-voltage overcharged battery system on models under CNY 200,000, manufacturing a super charged vehicle affordable for ordinary people.

"In the industry, safety is the greatest luxury. BAIC believes that safety is the bottom line of vehicle manufacturing. Working hard in an invisible place may never be seen, but it is really important.” Wang Lei interpreted “being safer” in this way. All BAIC products are manufactured with collision safety standards higher than those of the industry. The energy absorption efficiency of the new energy steel-aluminum hybrid special body can be increased by 35% in collision. The new BJ40’s “integral cage body + built-in roll cage” technology is unique in the world. Arcfox’s torsional stiffness of over 60,000 Nm can be called a “road tank”, and the Aurora battery has kept a record of zero spontaneous combustion since delivery. BAIC also took the lead in proposing the development concept of healthy cockpit in the industry. It is the only enterprise in the industry that has won the Scientific and Technological Progress award of China’s Automotive Industry in terms of respiratory health in vehicles.

Focus on Tackling Seven Core Areas
 19 Self-owned Star Products Appeared at the Automotive Exhibition

“Science and Technology Move Towards Light”. This beam of light is users’ expectation and yearning for travel life. Facing the future, BAIC will speed up the scientific and technological innovation strategy to bring more benefits to the “quality party” and “science and technology party”. It will carry out “craftsmanship technology and equal quality rights” to the end.

According to the planning, BAIC will achieve iterative upgrading of technology by 2025, breakthrough in key areas by 2028, and core technology in the forefront in the world by 2030. BAIC will focus on tackling key problems in seven core areas, including intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, electronic control, electric drive, hybrid power, battery and key technologies of off-road vehicles to constantly promote the evolution and breakthrough of technological innovation. It will  bring users equal quality rights with more choices and better experience. 

2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is about to start. BAIC Group will take part in the exhibition with the two self-owned passenger vehicle brands of BAIC Arcfox and BAIC Motor. It will exhibit 19 new products representing “Technology BAIC”, including BJ30 electric drive edition, brand-new BJ40, BJ60 electric drive edition, Alpha S5 and other star models. Meanwhile, it will specially set up science and technology exhibition booth to show some of the core science and technologies mentioned in the technology salon, including Polestar fully digital high-end electric platform, magic core electric drive super platform, AI big model with intelligent agent, and high computing power intelligent cockpit. It will build Beijing International Automotive Exhibition into a centralized display platform for craftsmanship technology and quality vehicle manufacturing.  

Craftsmanship technology, and quality BAIC. BAIC invites you to attend the scientific and technological quality appointment in Hall E4 of China International Exhibition Center on April 25.

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