2024 Beijing Automotive Exhibition | BAIC Group Exhibits 19 Independent Products and Initiates a Technological “Home Ground”

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After four years, Beijing Automotive Exhibition, which has received much attention, made a grand return. On April 25, 2024 (18th) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was officially opened in China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of Craftsmanship Technology and Quality BAIC, BAIC Group carried out an exhibition with BAIC Motor, BAIC Arcfox, Beijing Mercedes-Benz and Beijing Hyundai in the same exhibition hall. BAIC Motor released the core electric drive technology and electric-driven BJ40 and BJ60. BJ30, an aristocratic-family level electric four-wheel drive light SUV, initiated its pre-sale. Arcfox Alpha S5 met with the audience, and the mysterious veil of Stelato jointly created by BAIC and Huawei was unveiled. The fifth generation of Beijing Hyundai Santa appeared for the first time. BAIC also set up a special science and technology exhibition area and patent wall at the automotive exhibition site, displaying a number of industry-leading technologies in the field of electrification and intelligence, and building this automotive exhibition into a centralized exhibition stage for craftsmanship science and technology and quality vehicle manufacturing. 

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BAIC GroupZhang Jianyong


“Electric off-road” legion gathers.
Alpha S5 Stelato makes a stunning appearance. 

On the public days, the main exhibition booths of BAIC Group will showcase 19 independent products representing BAIC’s technology and quality, including Arxfox Alpha S5, Alpha T5, Koala, Stelato, BJ30 with electric driving system, all-new BJ40, BJ60 with electric driving system, and Mars pickup truck, at Hall E4, Shunyi Hall, China International Exhibition Center.

On the opening day, BAIC Motor held a press conference to deeply interpret the magic core electric drive technology to the outer world, and the electric- driven BJ60 and brand-new electric- driven BJ40 appeared in the exhibition. BJ30 complete series officially initiated their pre-sale. Equipped with a core 1.5T electric drive dedicated engine and the front and rear dual-drive motors unique at the same level, they can accelerate from zero to one hundred km/h within 6 seconds. The electronically controlled four-wheel drive system can achieve a rapid response of 0.03 seconds, and the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive can achieve a non-inductive switching. With a comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.45 liters, a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1,000 kilometers, and a unit price starting from CNY 119,900, such vehicles confirm their title of “King of Cost Performance in SUV”. 

Arcfox Alpha S5, a brand-new BAIC product of high-performance pure electric car whose pre-sale was initiated, appeared in the automotive exhibition. The car set a new record for the lowest wind resistance in global mass production vehicles with a very low wind resistance coefficient of 0.1925. Equipped with the fourth generation of α-power, its acceleration from zero to one hundred km/h only needs 3.7 seconds. With a vehicle body torsional stiffness of 51,897 N·m/deg, its safety factor reaches the ceiling level. Equipped with a full-stack 800V ultra-high voltage charging platform, it has the complete vehicle performance comparable to a million-dollar supercar. At the same time, Stelato S9, a brand-new model cooperated by BAIC and Huawei, and another masterpiece of BAIC Group in the new energy field made a stunning appearance, becoming one of the most eye-catching models of this automotive exhibition.

The fifth generation of Beijing Hyundai Santa to be sold in the market made its first appearance. The styling style of the new generation model breaks the inherent impression of Santa in the past, which is quite tough and is also full of the sense of science and technology. It adopts a 12.3-inch penetrating curved dual screen; Equipped with a new generation of ccNc vehicle engine system, it supports wireless Carplay, bluelink cell phone key and other functions.


Craftsmanship technology empowers quality vehicle manufacturing.
The electric intelligence strength is displayed in a concentrated manner. 

With craftsmanship as the standard for technological innovation, BAIC drives the quality improvement through “smarter, more energy-efficient, and safer” technological innovation, achieving equal quality rights and enabling consumers to enjoy a “quality to price ratio”. On the eve of the automotive exhibition, BAIC Group held a technology salon to deeply explain its vehicle manufacturing proposition that technology empowers equal quality rights.  At the site of automotive exhibition, the BAIC technology exhibition area focused on electrification and intelligence to intuitively present the strength of Technology BAIC.

The patent wall of BAIC showed its technological accumulation. Up to now, BAIC has applied for about 35,000 patents, and its patent number is in the first echelon of the industry. The Polestar pure electric high-end flagship platform independently researched and developed by BAIC has an in-depth integration of the homologous design of Mercedes - Benz luxury rear wheel drive platform in engineering design, module development and other parts and the brand-new framework of Darwin 2.0 technology system. The magic core electric drive super off-road vehicle platform specially researched and developed for all-terrain off-road vehicles creates the best “electric off-road” solutions. α-power, a powerful and durable motor system shows the ultimate motor performance. The Aurora battery has kept the record of zero spontaneous combustion since delivery. In the three extreme scenarios of battery bottoming, rainstorm and flood, and high-temperature spontaneous combustion, it provides full-time and all-terrain security protection. 

As one of the first batch of enterprises in the industry to achieve the equipment of AI big models in vehicles, BAIC moved the AI big models supporting the AIGC functions, active learning and personified chatting to the booth. The AI big models can answer the questions such as “What models are worthy of attention at the automotive exhibition” and “What restaurants can be recommended near the exhibition hall. BAIC is committed to taking the lead in introducing humanoid robots into the manufacturing process of whole vehicle. This time, AI humanoid robot employees also came to the booth, and interacted with the audience as stand-attendants.


Release of Sustainable Development Transcript
Beijing BAIC Men’s Basketball Team Repays its Fans

The BAIC Sustainable Development Report 2023 will be released during the automotive exhibition. BAIC practices the concept of sustainable development, and focuses on long-term value. It adheres to long-term investment, and accumulates a solid foundation for quality vehicle manufacturing. In 2024, the investment of BAIC in R&D reaches CNY 13.21 billion, and its R&D team has more than 8,000 people. By 2030, the cumulative investment in R&D will exceed CNY 100 billion. BAIC has carried out in-depth cooperation with over 50 high-quality partners worldwide, including Mercedes - Benz, Hyundai Group, Huawei, CATL, SK, Bosch, Bentley, Magna, Baidu and Siemens, only to bring higher quality products to users. In the future, BAIC will continue to promote the evolution and breakthroughs of technological innovation. It will tackle key problems in seven core areas including intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, electronic control, electric drive, hybrid power, battery, and key technologies for off-road vehicles. By 2030, BAIC will achieve the goal that its core technology will be in the forefront of the world to provide users with equal quality rights of more choices and a better experience. 

In addition, as the title sponsor of the men’s basketball team of Beijing Shougang Basketball Club, BAIC Group will set up a basketball interactive experience area at the exhibition booth, and main players from Beijing BAIC men's basketball team will be present at the scene to bring super benefits to the vast number of fans. The Beijing brand and the Arctic Ocean brand will also set up a joint exhibition area. The state-owned enterprises in Beijing will jointly display the “old Beijing” China-Chic culture.

With craftsmen technology, BAIC manufactures good quality vehicles. In the future, BAIC Group will persist in the user-oriented guideline to polish its products. It will stick to breaking through the limits with innovation and improving the qualities with long-termism. It will work together with partners from all walks of life to bring more products and services with higher ratio of “quality to price” and speed up the high-quality development process.

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