BAIC Shares the Trials and Hardships with People in Henan | BAIC Group and its Affiliated Enterprises Actively Participate in Flood Relief in Henan.

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In recent days, Henan Province has witnessed the strongest round of rainfall this year. The heavy rainfall has caused rivers and reservoirs in this region to exceed the flood limit water level, making Zhengzhou and many other places in danger. The flood control situation is severe. It is very urgent for the disaster relief. BAIC Group immediately responds and fully supports the disaster relief work.

Enterprises of BAIC Actively Set up Rescue Channels.

Enterprises of BAIC Group have successively launched rescue and safeguard policies in Henan.

Foton Auman offers a free engine maintenance for Auman products participating in the rescue, and provides free testing for vehicles affected by the disaster without brand limit. Foton Auhawk Aumark provides free rescue with no limit of failure mode to customers affected by floods, and ensures that it will respond within 1 minute.

Beijing ORV announced to ask BAIC ORV vehicle owners who need help to call the 24-hour rescue hotline at 400-810-8177 in time.

ARCFOX Motor opened a multi-channel rescue channel to provide special services for vehicle owners affected by the disaster, and organized a service team directly under it to go to Zhengzhou for providing rescue support.

Mercedes-Benz increased its one-way free towing distance of accident rescue service to 350 kilometers, and opened a green channel for maintenance of vehicles damaged by rainstorm weather.

Beijing Hyundai launched "521" service measures for vehicle owners in Zhengzhou and surrounding flood disaster areas, namely, five free services, two exclusive concessions and one green channel, providing vehicle owners with vehicle rescue, inspection, maintenance, claims assistance and other services.

Changhe Automobile carries out free inspection activities for customers' vehicles in Zhengzhou's main disaster-stricken areas, mainly checking the safety of vehicles after wading, and providing support for deep cleaning of chassis and replacement of high-quality products in vehicles.

MF Express of BAIC Mobility announced that from now on, all vehicles of MF Express’ customers in Henan would be rent-free for 7 days ... In addition, Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. also held an emergency meeting with China Youth Development Foundation to immediately start the donation process of major sudden disasters. Mercedes-Benz Starwish Foundation donated charity funds of CNY 10 million to fully assist flood control, flood relief and post-disaster recovery in Henan. Meanwhile, it quickly dispatched a large number of trailers from the surrounding five provinces, and carried some emergency relief supplies to arrive in Henan to provide free emergency rescue services for local dealer partners and vehicle owners affected in an orderly manner.

Since July 17, BAIC Foton has urgently mobilized heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, pickup trucks, and IBUE autos and other rescue vehicles to the front line for full rescue. Meanwhile, it gathered the love powers of vehicle owners and drove to the scene with emergency relief supplies.

Local Dealers Set up the First Line of Defense Against the Disaster.

After the disaster occurred, our journalist contacted several dealers of multiple BAIC brands in Zhengzhou and surrounding areas for the first time. In the face of sudden disaster, they set up a disaster-resistant defense line while building a rescue channel for vehicle owners on the premise of ensuring the safety of employees.

Zhengzhou Daguang Exhibition Hall of BAIC Motor is relatively high in terrain. It provides a resting place for citizens who can't go home temporarily. When a customer went to the store to handle business on July 20, the rain suddenly intensified. For the sake of security, the employees booked a hotel for him to stay temporarily after consultation with the customer. Members of Henan Plath Column, an off-road vehicle club belonging to Daguang Shop, were assembled on the July 21. They took advantage of BAIC off-road vehicles' high chassis, strong wading and off-road ability to carry out rescue in waterlogged areas of the city according to related flood control and disaster relief requirements.

The water on Zhongyuan West Road, where Zhengzhou Rocar Wantong Shop of Mercedes Benz is located, was over 50 cm. Fortunately, owing to the relatively high terrain of the shop address, there was no water accumulation for the time being. To ensure the normal drainage system, employees kept watch for 24 hours a day in turn to ensure the safety of the exhibition hall. Meanwhile, the standby generators were started to be used for power supply to meet the need for providing 30 minutes of power supply every two hours, so as to ensure the power consumption of the communication and information room.

Jiaozuo, a city only more than 50 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, suffered the same severe disaster.  Jiaozuo Rocar Dejia Shop of Mercedes-Benz continued to rescue customers' vehicles. As of the evening of July 21, seven vehicles had been towed back one after another. Since July 17, Zhoukou Rocar Shop of Mercedes-Benz has towed back 26 customers’ vehicles. Meanwhile, employees from the shop also provide mobility scooters for customers whom employees from the shop are temporarily unable to go for help. After the flood waters recede, they will go to help them on the premise of ensuring safety.

On the premise of ensuring the safety of all employees, Zhengzhou Rongfa Shop of Foton Ollin Light Trucks organized a rescue team immediately to participate in the rescue work in the areas severely affected. On the morning of July 21, the Ollin Light Truck Rescue Service Team received help information. The team members quickly drove to the incident site to help an Ollin light truck driver who had been trapped in the water for two days and one night. They cleaned up the accumulated water for the customer, replaced the filter element and restarted the vehicle.

Jointly interviewed and written by Journalists Liu Siteng, Bo Qianqian, He Xin, Meng Ran and Li Qi 


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