To Assist the COVID-19 Vaccination Work in the Capital, the First Mobile Vaccination Vehicle of Foton AUV in China has been Put into Use.

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"I didn't expect that there was another different world in the vehicle and everything was available." On the afternoon of April 1, Mr. Li, a Beijing citizen, completed the vaccination at the vaccination site in the North Area of BeidianJiayuan, Changping District, Beijing. On the same day, China’s first mobile vaccination vehicle researched and developed by Foton AUV was "employed" here. This is also the third pandemic prevention model put into use in the field of pandemic prevention after Foton AUV launched its super health passenger vehicle and mobile nucleic acid detection and sampling vehicle.

At the vaccination site in the North Area of Beidianjiayuan, citizens waiting for COVID-19 vaccination lined up in an orderly way, and successively went into a modified white Foton AUV electric passenger vehicle. The journalist noticed that this mobile vaccination vehicle was equipped with a face recognition device at the door, which can achieve the temperature measurement function. The interior of the carriage is divided into two areas by the rear door. At the front of the vehicle body, a person to be vaccinated can come to the vaccination station to complete the vaccination after registering the information in the waiting area. The layout of the rear part of the vehicle body is basically the same as that of the front part of the vehicle body, except that there is a door curtain between them.

“This design can protect women's privacy during vaccination,” Ms Liu, a resident from Beidianjiayuan Residential Zone, said to the journalist, “it is very considerable.” Considering that persons being vaccinated and medical workers stay in the vehicle for a long time, the mobile vaccination vehicle is also equipped with USB interfaces and other facilities. Moreover, a retractable tent is also equipped outside the vehicle. Thus, it not only provides a convenient working environment for medical staff, but also provides a comfortable observation place for persons being vaccinated.

In addition, the vaccination vehicle specially adopts the front and rear skylights with negative pressure function, which can "pump" fresh air from the outside of the vehicle to the inside of the vehicle in time, and disinfect the air by electrostatic adsorption and ultraviolet devices in the on-board air conditioner to ensure that the air inside the vehicle is clean and fresh. Equipped with two vaccine storage boxes with cloud data transmission function, the vehicle can guarantee one hundred percent (100%) of safe storage of vaccines. According to the introduction of on-site medical workers, 3 people can be vaccinated in the mobile vaccination vehicle at the same time, and vaccination for 150 people can be completed per hour.

"From research and development to production, it only took 13 days for this vaccination vehicle," Cheng Hua, product director at BAIC Foton AUV Passenger Vehicle Division, said. To enable the citizens in the capital to experience a safe and convenient vaccination service as soon as possible, Foton AUV coordinated many departments to put into research and development immediately after receiving the demand from Beijing municipal health department in mid-March. Employees of Foton AUV went to a number of hospitals to investigate the demand for vehicle use, redefined the product usage scenarios, and set up functions and zones according to the vaccination process.

Text / Photo by Journalist Guo Wanghu



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