BAIC Group won three awards of "China Best Employer of the Year 2020"

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     "Internal energy reshape a new life"-- China Annual Best Employer Award ceremony and China Human Capital International Management Forum 2020 was held in Wuxi on November 27th. BAIC Group has constantly innovated and stimulated the internal energy of the organization and employees in an uncertain environment; actively responded to the two-line campaign of "epidemic prevention and stable operation", promoted the enterprise to overcome the situation and achieve positive growth. Its outstanding performance in human resources and employer brand building has made it the winner of three awards: "China Best Employers Nationwide TOP 10 in 2020", "China employers with contribution in fighting COVID-19 in 2020" and "China best employers with extraordinary achievement in 2020".

     At the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, BAIC Group, as the backbone of China's auto industry and Beijing city's largest state-owned enterprises, has helped to control risks through rapid, comprehensive and effective deployment with the mind of disease-resistance bottom line, sought breakthrough in the crisis and became one of the earliest car companies to resume production and actively boosted upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to resume production. It won the two-frontline battle of "epidemic prevention and stable operation". Based on BAIC Group's high sense of responsibility in maintaining the life and health of its employees, its spirit of "racing against time to resume work and production" and "pooling and coordinating efforts" to ensure the orderly resumption of work and production, BAIC Group won the award of "China employers with contribution in fighting COVID-19" this year.

    Brand building has become the driving force for more and more enterprises to achieve rapid breakthrough in the era of "new employer economy". The uncertainty of the external environment In 2020 makes enterprises and individuals to start looking inward in order to find "certainty" within the scope of control; At the same time, enterprises also cherish the employees who fight with it together in the challenge of survival, and shift their attention to the building of core competitiveness, the improvement of organizational effectiveness, and employees’ loyalty and cohesion. BAIC is able to emerge from nearly 59000 eligible enterprises, and entered "China Best Employers Nationwide TOP 10" of the year again. Thanks to the great importance that BAIC Group attaches to the management of human resources, it does not only satisfied employees in recognizing the employer image, but also makes itself more appealing to jobseekers in talent markets outside the compa

     BAIC Group has always been aiming at "building a world-class employer brand". It has been listed as one of China Best Employer of the Year for five consecutive years, showing its long-term efforts in employer brand building and continuous improvement of organizational and human resource efficiency, as well as its responsibility as a state-owned enterprise in the two-line campaign of "Epidemic prevention and stable operation" in 2020. BAIC Group has kept on giving employees a sense of security in the epidemic while achieving stable growth of itself. BAIC Group also won the special award of "China best employers with extraordinary achievement".

     At the same time, BAIC BJEV, a subsidiary of BAIC Group, was awarded the "China most intellectual spirited employers" for its innovative practices in human resource management in maintaining the enterprise's innovation ability and improving employees' happiness and sense of gain.

    BAIC Group has always adhered to the development concept of "human resource is the first resource of an enterprise", and has always been committed to the construction of human resource system, creating an environment for employees to realize their own value, releasing their enthusiasm and creativity, and providing a solid human resource guarantee for the transformation and development of BAIC Group.

     In the face of "unprecedented changes in a century", the human resource management system of BAIC Group aims to "activate organizational efficiency and enable the group to develop" high, new and special " technology, and strive to create an efficient and innovative intellectual resource system" in accordance with the deployment requirements of CAI Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group. Focusing on "creating an agile organization, promoting human resources digitization transformation, improving human resource allocation efficiency and effectiveness, and creating comparative advantage 2.0 in human resources competition and other key work”, the group has appeal, retain and motivate employees in BAIC Group to give their potential a full play and boost the high quality development of BAIC Group.


      Looking ahead to the coming "14th Five-year Plan", BAIC human resource system will take this award as a new starting point, adhere to the innovation of human resource management system, improve the efficiency and effect of market-oriented human resource allocation, embrace reform with a more positive and open mind and build the group human resource management system to support BAIC Group's "high, new and special" development in the new era, achieve the transformation and upgrading of high-quality development strategy, fight hard and forge ahead to realize a better future of "Century-old BAIC"!

    " China Best Employer of the Year " is a survey to identify and select the best employers. It was jointly launched in 2005 by, a leading career development platform in China, and the Social Research Center of Peking University. It aims to find the industry trend of enterprisemanagement and human resource management through

professional and scientific investigation  selection  and objective standpoint an independent.  It gives an insight into the change of job seekers' needs, 

of job seekers' needs, and provides data support for enterprises to formulate employer brand strategy. At the same time, it provides job seekers with effective references of "good employers" and "good jobs", so as to enhance the mutual understanding between employers and employees, thus achieve a "win-win" situation.

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