The enterprise winning the "China Best Employer" title for eight consecutive year keeps attracting employees

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"Intellectual job market, creating the Future" -- China Best Employer of the Year 2018 Award Ceremony and Human Resources International Management Forum was held in Chengdu--the "Land of Abundance"--on November 23. BAIC Group emerged from 30854 competing enterprises and won the award in the ceremony, which is known as the "Oscar" in China's human resources industry. It is the eighth year that BAIC is awarded as one of the China Best Employer of the Year.

In the new era of 4.0 led by artificial intelligence, the theme of China Best Employers of the Year 2018 was "Intellectual job market, creating the Future". The theme does not only reflect the changes artificial intelligence has brought to human beings in the fields of production and creation, but also proposes the management methodology of employment relationship in the age of intelligence. It is an event honoring those who lead the trend.

BAIC Group, as the backbone automobile enterprise in China, has a profound accumulation of 60 years in automobile industry. BAIC Group is the state-owned large automobile enterprise group with the most complete product varieties and the most complete industrial chain, leading the market of new energy vehicles in China. In the new era, the BAIC Group follow the demands of high-quality development and meets future challenges with transformation. Intelligent auxiliary driving and intelligent technology such as intelligent voice, man-machine interconnection is widely used, making the "high, new, special" core advantages and promoting comprehensive new energy at the same time vigorously. It also focuses on key areas such as electrification, intelligence, network, internationalization and sharing, keeps on building BAIC into a more internationally influential and competitive enterprise in the world.

 "Auto industry talent" is being redefined with the disruptive changes in the automotive industry and the intensification of international competition. Auto industry talents’ knowledge field and professional scope are constantly expanding with a cross-boundary and diversified knowledge and skill system, a more open and forward-looking global vision and internet thinking. BAIC follows the demands of the era of talents and the new employer economy, make talents the first resource for the enterprise development in its management philosophy. The systematic talent construction is taken as a strategic basis point, focused more on attracting, training and reserving senior management talents. The core innovative technological talents, high-quality skilled talents and all kinds of professional management personnel continue to build an intellectual human resource team that matches the high-quality 2.0 development of the Group. To comprehensively improve the efficiency of human resources, care about the growth of employees and create “talents" as a tool to promote the transformation of BAIC Group from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to an innovative manufacturer and service provider. The high-quality transformation and development of BAIC Group can be achieved through collective intellectual power and strength of talents from home and abroad.

What is “China Best Employer of the year?

 “China Best Employer of the year” is jointly initiated by, a leading career development platform in China, and the Center for Social Survey and Research of Peking University. The presidium of the evaluation committee includes Long Yongtu—chief negotiator of China's WTO accession and former Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia, Peng Jianfeng—Vice President of China Human Resources Development Research Association and President of Enterprise Talent Branch, Simon Barrow—the founder of employer brand concept, and Zhou Feizhou, director of Traditional Society Research Center of Peking University. They also joined hands with UN Women and the World Health Organization in evaluation. An unprecedented number of 30,854 companies competed for the award in 2018, and more than 40 million employees participated in the nomination and voted.

For these employees who have already worked in the best employer, they still have special expectations for their ideal employer. In summary, respect, trust, salary and development are their core demands for the ideal employer. In employees’ minds, the most important demands are to be respected, followed by the employer's commitment to build loyalty based on trust, competitive salary, and finally individual development.

    How did BAIC Group win the "Best Employer" title for eight consecutive years?

As a backbone enterprise in China's automobile industry, BAIC Group does not only keeps pace with the development of the times, but also accelerates the development of new energy vehicles and intelligent Internet technologies. On the other hand, BAIC Group always adhere to the "talent is the first resource" philosophy, attaches great importance to the talent cultivation and development of talents, taking it as the most important part of development strategy. It attracts, retains and motivates the best talents through establishing and perfecting the different levels of targeted training platform, good career development channels and competitive salary system. It has created favorable conditions for talents to play a role and realize their ideal and own value in BAIC Group.

As Xu Heyi, Party secretary and chairman of BAIC Group, said, "Talents are the foundation of development and innovation. Talent system construction has always been the top priority of talent management of BAIC Group, and it is also a powerful effective means to help promote the comprehensive development of Group 2.0." In the future, BAIC Group will continue to adhere to the talent concept of "people-oriented, respecting knowledge, work, talents and creation", gather the wisdom of all BAIC people to innovate effectively and build the future intellectually!

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