What BAIC does to attract and keep talents

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Talent is the core competitiveness of enterprise development

Since long time ago
BAIC Group Party Committee has attached great importance to talent construction
Especially in the critical period of reform for the high-quality development
Group and subsidiary party committees firmly grasp the direction
Following the law of socialist market economy and the law of talent growth
Breaking ideas and concepts that restrict talent development
Through improving and innovating talent system
to unleash the creativity of talents

For those who "want to work, know how to work, do good work without accidents and easy to work with"
a broad space for entrepreneurship is provided
Let`s take a look
What do subsidiaries of BAIC do ~

As one of the key reform measures implemented by BAIC's independent professional class, BAIC's independent system "Talent plan" project has been implemented in July, covering the top 20% of employees, including outstanding talents (backbone force) and school-recruited talents (developing tier force). It involves more than 2,000 people, and helps to effectively identify and select key talents.

The incentive measures included salary adjustment, self-selected incentives, senior appointment, general manager award, etc. As a long-term incentive policy, "Excellent Talent Plan" will be carried out every year. Its identification scope and incentive methods will be further optimized.


In the first half of this year, Hainachuan launched the recruitment competition for all the staff of the headquarters, breaking the bottleneck of talent development and promotion in the past. The market-oriented and performance-oriented direction became more distinct.

Up to now, Hainachuan party committee has revised more than 10 cadre personnel management system, using public competition, introduction within the group and a variety of ways to precisely match positions and talents, build the scientific system of cadre selection and appointment and form a cadre talent selection system of "personnel can enter and exit; positions can rise and fall; salary can rise and fall; duty can merge and divide”.


Beijing Modern "Star Academy" opened on August 13 to cultivate and gather outstanding talents, lead the team to stimulate the inherent potential, and gather strength for comprehensively strengthening reform and development.

TBX curriculum system is set up in Star Academy, including compulsory general courses to strengthen responsibility and enhance overall awareness, compulsory classes to strengthen professional skills and guide innovation and change, and special sales courses to improve marketing awareness and sales skills. Online and offline teaching is expected to cover more than 160 person-times.

Zhongdu Xinghui started the "Tier building" project in mid-July, which BAIC Penglong is a part of.

The implementation period of this project is April to December 2021, and the total 23 people participants are mainly the key managers of various departments and some key positions. These personnel are determined through the process of high-potential talent ability assessment and 1V1 interview with department heads.July to October, they will learn 5 management courses in the "Backbone Manager" training camp, gradually understanding management functions and improving management skills.

The above is just a few fragments of talent building of BAIC Group

No matter which position you're in

you can realize your individual value

Actively building a team of excellent talents to adapt to the development of the automobile industry

and contribute to the high-quality development of BAIC Group

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