These BAIC people just got a new identity -- Beijing master craftsman!

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The Beijing Federation of Trade Unions held the “May Day” press conference this morning,announced the results of 30 "Beijing Master Craftsmen" and 30 "Nominated Beijing Master Craftsmen" of the second chapter.

Two outstanding BAIC people got a new identity -- Beijing master craftsman!

Li Bing, trial production expert, senior technician and engineer of automotive assembly and adjustment of BAIC Automotive Research Institute, winner of "National Technical Expert", "Beijing Model Worker", "Beijing Labor Technical Expert", "Chief Technician of BAIC Group" and receiver of the special government allowance of The State Council.

He started to work in Beijing Light Automobile Co., Ltd. in 1987, mainly engaged in automobile assembly line. He grew an automobile assembly worker to a technician familiar with automobile assembly process through continuous efforts.

He entered Beijing Hyundai and returned to the production line again in 2002. He grew an electrical repairman to a technical expert good at electrical fault detection and wire harness restructuring.

He joined The Zhao Quanying High-end base in 2011 and conquered the major problems in combining production and independent brands R&D, and gave full play to his leading role in solving difficult problems and talent team construction.

He transferred to BAIC Automotive Research Institute in 2018, and fully utilized his years of front-line production experience in the R&D system to serve the R&D of self-owned brands.

Chang Feng, technical leader of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., LTD., senior electrical engineer, senior automotive engineer. He has won the honorary titles of "Outstanding Innovative Craftsman", "Capital Labor Medal" and "Beijing Youth Post Expert" by the organizing Committee of the 15th China Industry Forum.

He taught himself and mastered the assembly and adjustment technology of multiple brands of robots, broke technological monopoly, realized the autonomous application and secondary development of robots, and led the team to tackle key problems in the overall assembly and adjustment technology of automatic production lines.

Six of his inventions have obtained national patents, and 12 of his achievements have won prizes in competitions of municipal or above level. He won the national champion and was awarded the honorary title of "China's Top Talent" in the "China's Top Talent" industrial Robot project jointly organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and CCTV in 2017. He was also employed as the external lecturer of "Golden Blue Collar" robot project of Beijing Federation of Trade Unions.

The robot innovation projects led by him were invited to many exhibitions such as Science Expo and Skills China. Through technological breakthroughs, abandoned industrial robots can be transformed to play table tennis, do calligraphy and painting, lion dance, dancing and other entertainment activities, so that more people can learn about robots.

In addition, there are two other people on the list of " Nominated Beijing Master Craftsmen ". They are:

Wang Zhiwei, Monitor of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., LTD., senior technician of automobile assembly and adjustment. He has won such honorary titles as "National May 1st Labor Medal", "Beijing Economic and Technological Innovation Model", "Beijing Industrial Advanced Technology Expert", "Capital Citizens` Star of Learning ", "The most beautiful motor people" and other honorary titles, and enjoys the special allowance of Beijing Municipal government for technicians.

Rooted in the production line, he always adheres to the spirit of unremitting research, and has been recognized by leaders at all levels and the masses in technology, innovation, talent training and other aspects.

He has become the second to none "front-line technical worker expert" in the field of automobile installation and adjustment with his unique vehicle circuit system adjustment and detection technology and 4S troubleshooting method. He is a high-skilled talent with skills in operation and theoretical research attributes in BAIC of the new era. Even foreign experts also asked him to repair cars.

Shao Qinghua, welding equipment maintenance engineer, industrial robot operation and adjustment engineer senior engineer in Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. He has won honorary titles such as "Beijing advanced technology expert in Industry and information technology" and "Advanced Worker" of BAIC Group.

Over 8 million yuan of the cost of the enterprise has been saved by him through the maintenance and transformation of equipment since 2007.

He has served as a robot lecturer of the company since 2014, trained more than 300 students, and served as the "Golden Blue Collar" project lecturer of Beijing Federation of Trade Unions.

He is familiar with Hyundai Heavy Industry, Kuka, Eft and other industrial robots, good at robot equipment debugging, proficient in 3D design and offline simulation. He obtained a total of 12 patents, and a number of his improvement and innovation won Beijing and national awards.

A total of 30 "Beijing Master Craftsmen" and 30 "Nominated Beijing Master Craftsmen" were  in the second "Beijing Master Craftsmen" activity. How did they come out? What are the characteristics? What recognition and rewards are available? Let's see.

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